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Advantage of the Alliance: LBP Network Empowers Partnership

Emerson Automation Solutions, an Emerson company, is a diversified manufacturer and developer of essential tools that help businesses automate their production, processing and distribution processes.  These industrial processes are often unique and have stringent design requirements around safety and optimization.  While Emerson is backed 100,000 knowledgeable experts in 150 countries, 235 manufacturing locations, and lists an extensive solutions catalog backed high quality standards, Emerson leans on strategic Local Business Partners, or LBPs, to ensure final quality and to maximize the lifetime value of assets for their users.

In North America, your LBP combines the tools, technology, services, subject matter experts, local industry expertise and local agility. Each LBP is independently owned and operated, yet intrinsically maintains direct connectivity to Emerson Automation Solutions and to one another. Your local LBP is not only your valuable resource, they are also your neighbor. Across North America, twenty-two companies ensure factory-quality standards are delivered to you every time, on every project for the life of the project.

As one Local Business Partner to Emerson, Applied Control is strategically positioned and empowered to serve you.

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Download our contact map: Emerson LBP Map 2016

Learn More about each one of Emerson Automation Solution’s Local Business Partners:

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