ALS Ice Bucket Challenge comes to Applied Control

Last Thursday, August 14, about 30 employees from the Applied Control office in Englewood, CO bravely accepted the ICE Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for ALSA and suffers of ALS everywhere.

The challenge was brought to Applied Control though an employee who was challenged by her family. She passed the challenge to the company with the help of Ace of Hearts, the charity focused group, and was pleasantly surprised at the eager response of her co-workers to dive-in head-first to this challenge.

All Thursday afternoon, a thunderstorm thwarted the area, and for a while it looked like the fundraiser was going to be a wash-out.  Then, at 4:30 in the afternoon, the clouds and rain broke. Employees grabbed their large buckets full of ice and water, which had been sitting and chilling to icy-cold temperatures for about 30 minutes. Everyone lined up, and dumped buckets on their heads in waves, so the entire bucket dump for all 30 people took about a minute, and is fascinating to watch (video below). At the end of the challenge, a few boisterous employees found extra water buckets with ice, and started a friendly water fight – leaving just about everyone soaked to the bone with a big smile on their face.

Challenge Champs

Challenge Champs

Of course, the challenge would not be complete without passing the “buck-et”. As a team, the participants decided to challenge fellow Emerson Process Management Local Business Partner Novaspect (dominate in the northern Midwest).

In all, over $600 dollars were raised in two days. You can learn more about the challenge and donate to ALS here.


Ice Bucket Challenge: Game On Novaspect on Vimeo.

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