Celebrating Nick Parrott: Nearly Half a Century of Automation Excellence and Going Strong

Statistics show that an average tenure in the current workforce is 4 years as of 2018. That may seem like quite a bit of time to stay in one place, unless you’re Nick Parrott who just passed the 45-year mark of working with Team Emerson.

Growing up in Marshalltown, Iowa, Parrott began working for Fisher Controls in 1974. He held many positions such as project manager, customer service manager, and even worked in purchasing. However, during this time, Parrott’s desire to be out in the field with sales representatives was indisputable. In 1988, he found himself doing just that for a Fisher Sales Representative on the west coast (which is now part of PCE, an Emerson Impact Partner). Once Parrott was ready for a fresh start he continued his journey with the Fisher Representative in Colorado, Applied Control, in 1991 and has been with the company ever since.

When asked what has made him stay with Applied Control over the years, he replied without hesitation, “relationships with customers.” Parrott showed his appreciation for his customers saying, “Once you develop a relationship with this professional community, colleagues become friends. They want to keep in touch whether they have a project going or not. They are genuine people.”

Maintaining customer relationships has been a fresh challenge ever since Parrott moved from the Denver area to Montrose. However he now proudly owns a home on a golf course right at the 1st tee off with his wife, Pam. Parrott still works each day to build up new customer relationships on the Western Slope and re-create his own community in a new place.

One of his favorite challenges in his career early on included working with Engineering Procurement and Construction customers to demonstrate the reliability and efficiency of Applied Control to potential customers when many other companies were also in the running. When asked how he was able to do this successfully time after time, Parrott emphasized that technical knowledge and expertise in the industry is key.

Parrott’s extensive knowledge and commitment to the automation services industry has earned him many awards, including the Long Term Exemplary Service Award from Emerson.

With new employees showing up in the business often, Parrott advises that becoming too transaction-oriented can be a major downfall for success.

“It’s important to understand why the customer is calling, what their specific issue is, and try to drill down to more of a solution versus just responding to a request from a transaction point of view.”

Greg Huey, Director of Sales – Final Control at Applied Control has had the opportunity to work closely with Parrott for many years. He speaks very highly of Parrott and has great respect for him.

“Nick is the ultimate sales professional. Throughout his tenure, Nick has spoken to or worked with 90% of our customer base. Our team leans on him for application knowledge and process solution experience.”

Marian Bronstetter, VP Talent Management concurs with Greg, “We consider Nick an inspiration and role model. We’re proud of his accomplishments and grateful to have him on the Applied Control team. ”

When asked about what his future holds and prospective retirement, Parrott is elusive.

“It’s difficult to consider when you enjoy what you’re doing.”

Nevertheless, Parrot will surely continue his passions of golf and fly fishing while relishing more time with the Applied Control team.

Applied Control is proud to have members, like Parrott, on our team. We appreciate his service and commitment to providing reliable automation solutions to the Rocky Mountain area. Thank you, Nick Parrott, for 45 years!

Article by Caitlynn McCollum

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