Emerson Exchange: Don’t forget to Register – Early Bird Pricing Expires August 31st

Accelerate your learning

Exchange ideas, best practices and proven solutions at this year’s Emerson Exchange Conference

Make plans now to attend the Emerson Global Users Exchange Americas conference this October 24-28 in Austin, Texas. When emerging technologies and innovative applications are helping to drive a new economy, it is imperative to understand which ones are working and how to deploy them. Emerson Exchange gives automation professionals a valuable opportunity to accelerate learning and to be inspired by industry peers and leaders at one amazing conference! Act soon to take advantage of the early bird rate of $995 (a $200 savings!).

While at Exchange, you will have the opportunity to attend CEU-certified training sessions, Industry Forums, Workshops and Short Courses and more, as well as to meet experts in their respective fields. Discovering solutions to problems or learning new best practices are also benefits that attendees take back to their companies that often lead to immediate and significant improvements to their operations. We hope to see you in Austin!

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When & Where
October 24-28, 2016
Austin Convention Center
Austin, Texas, USA
Experience Emerson Exchange!

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