Emerson Exchange 2013 Day 4 Recap

Every day, you can keep up with the events at Emerson Exchange by visiting www.emersonexchange365.com/live.

Here is a brief recap of what was discussed yesterday in Grapevine, Texas:

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Paper mill meets regulatory requirements, saves $43,000 with wireless cameras
Faced with a new regulatory requirement to monitor freight car loading and unloading of hazardous materials, a paper mill in South Carolina could assign a worker to watch the entire loading/unloading process, or monitor it remotely via video from the control room. The mill decided it wanted to add cameras.
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Tuscon Electric Company takes top honors for “Reliability Program of the Year”
Each year, Emerson Process Management seeks to recognize companies that best demonstrate effective use of reliability-based technologies, effective work processes, return on investment, integrated maintenance best practices, and leadership in implementing a “best in class” reliability program. This year, Tucson Electric Company takes Emerson’s top honors for “Reliability Program of the Year.” Read More>

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Stories from Around Exchange Today

Video on new mass flow and density meters

Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector with Floating Piezo Ceramic Sensor Design

FMCW Technology Radar Provides Reliable Level Measurement in a Palm…


Measure & Analyze


Operate & Manage

Guided wave radar aids efficient oil measurement

Impact of Reduce Uncertainty of Flow Measurement in Development of Rocket Liquid Propellants Engines


Remote Expert Support with Wireless Mobile Voice and Video

DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling wins exida award




Final Control & Regulate


Solve & Support

Wireless gas inlet skid automation includes on-off valve control

Suncor saves $1.125 million per year in lost production by enhancing coker drain valve reliability


Making Emerson’s iCenter Part of Your Project Team

For best project results, select MAC before FEED

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