Getting The Most From Your Emerson Exchange Experience

Emerson Global User’s Exchange is an information-packed conference that will take place in Orlando this October. The conference features workshops, seminars, training classes, networking, and hands-on product interaction. Most impressively, the conference successfully facilitates the exchange of information and best practices from user to user, making it an excellent environment for training and development.

mcogp_main02_rThat’s the easy part about Emerson Exchange: the return on your educational investment is phenomenal, so deciding if you should attend is clear. To many, challenging question is: how do I actually make the most of my visit? The conference spans four and a half days, and each day is action-packed, so it’s hard to know where to start planning your trip. Luckily, Emerson Exchange has a wide variety of tools to help you get the most out of your educational investment. Here is a quick list to help get you started:

STEP 1: Register Early & Attend Multiple Days

Registering for Emerson Exchange early can save you beaucoup bucks, especially if you are planning on attending the whole week. We’ve put together a little chart (below) that explains how much you save by registering early and how your average cost per day decreases the more days you attend. Not kidding around, it can pay for itself.

EMEX Savings

Additionally, hotel rooms can book up fast, so don’t forget this key part of the process too! Some hotels don’t charge you until you actually attend, making this an easily deferrable cost if your training budget month-to-month is tight.

STEP 2: Use the myExchange tool to schedule your time at the conference

Not only will the myExchange tool save your seat in the workshops and classes, it will help you zone in on the training you need to grow in your role. Having problems effectively monitoring wellhead pressure while hydraulically fracturing? Looking for a better way to manage your I/O for more reliability? Perhaps you’d like to avoid some headaches and learn how to properly size a control valve for any application in your process or need to take a course to get your CEU credits for the year.  There are a plethora of learning opportunities. Whether you want to learn something new for a specific solution or for your specific industry, when you arrive at Exchange, you’ll be ready with your schedule in one hand, and your notepad in the other.

STEP 3: Attend the Networking Event at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Emerson Exchange Networking Event @ Universal OrlandoGet ready for one of the most incredible parties Emerson has ever thrown. Emerson has reserved The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Hogsmeade™ at Universal’s Islands of Adventure® theme park. All night long, you’ll have unlimited access to some of the most amazing theme park rides and attractions in Orlando. You sign up for this during registration, and you can bring your guests with you too. This event is an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun with all the new professional connections you’ve made during the week.

STEP 4: Join Emerson Exchange 365

Have you ever learned about something really great, been over energized by how this solution was going to revolutionize your processes, then gotten stuck on the implementation side with no one to consult, and left suddenly feeling empty handed? Emerson Exchange 365 is an year-round online professional-level social community where you can ask questions, get answers, follow industry news, and stay connected with your peers. This network has been ranked as a top blog for asset optimization, reliability and maintenance. By participating in this community, you will have access to valuable support to help your project’s success.


Every year, Applied Control looks forward to attending Emerson Exchange. We hope you can join us this October in Orlando, and can start taking advantage of this best-in-class conference. Of course, you can always call us at 303-799-9300 to learn more or click here, and get your key questions answered.

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