Help Employees Learn About Their Industry? Randy Schrader Says, “It’s a Must Do”

“The fear I had was that they might find themselves at a boyscout meeting, at church or some community activity, and hear someone saying some negative things about the oil and gas industry…” – Randy Schrader, President, Applied Control

Applied Control President Randy Schrader was invited to speak with ICOSA’s Connect and Collaborate Round Table to discuss Applied Control’s approach toward helping employees find quality information about the industries they serve. When the Oil & Gas Industry faced uncertainty during the past few legislative sessions, Randy realized that the scrutiny was causing confusion and stress for his employees. Suddenly, individuals from all over the organization were asking for more information about the industry, not just those who interacted with it on a daily basis.  He recognized that all employees needed to trust the part they played toward serving the Oil & Gas industry, as well as have better access to factual information.

But how do you provide unbiased information to employees and still boost their confidence in their jobs? To help employees learn about the Oil & Gas industry, he began to put some serious energy into finding tools, resources and experts to educate all the employees in the office. Listen to the podcasts below to learn about Randy’s unique approach.

“Really, we’re all in the energy industry in Colorado because of it’s great impact on the economy.” – Dave Tabor, Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry

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