Ignition Remix: Introducing the New Platinum-500

Burner Managment System: Platinum-500

Fort Worth, Texas (June 4, 2013) – Platinum Control is excited to announce the release of an all-new product, the Platinum-500 Ignition Management System. After undergoing rigorous field-testing, the Platinum-500 is ready to be released to the marketplace.

Developed in response to consumer demands, the Platinum-500 will provide end-users the safety assurance of keeping production site operators out of harms way.

“We will be providing our clients with a new, cost-effective solution for lighting burners safely. The Platinum-500 will offer a simple, yet sophisticated method for safe and reliable ignition control on oil and gas production equipment and gas flare applications. With our Igniter, we’ve maintained the Platinum quality assurance, performance and dependability that we demand from all our products,” said Brad Wilson, VP of market development at Platinum Control.

 A few key features of the impending Platinum-500 include:

  • End-User cost savings
  • Very low power consumption
  • Time and date stamped event record log
  • Complete ignition and valve control
  • Flare and igniter application modes
  • Optional battery with up to 45 days of autonomy 
  • Built in battery charger with MPPT solar or line power input – Exclusive to Platinum Control’s Igniter
  • The option to mix-and-match solenoid valve drives –  Exclusive to Platinum Control’s Igniter

The Platinum-500 is manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008, CSA/UL certified facility. Each unit completes 100% QA and QC testing to guarantee superior product performance.

For more information about the Platinum-500, please call us at 303-799-9300.

About Platinum Control – www.platinumcontrol.com

Platinum Control manufactures a technologically advanced burner management system (BMS) that helps oil and gas companies improve safety, maximize productivity and facilitate environmental compliance. Designed to support any natural draft burner, Platinum’s BMS provides automated ignition and temperature controls that can be remotely monitored and controlled. The systems are designed to easily integrate with monitor and data systems to provide complete visibility into the production site. 

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