May the “Fur” be with You!

To raise money for the Denver Dumb Friends League, employee charity team ACE of Hearts hosts a “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”! 

May “fur-th”, 2017 – Today at Applied Control, our work-family extended to our four-legged fur-friends. In support of animals in need at the Denver Dumb Friends League, the employee led charity committee, ACE of Hearts, welcomed furry “children” of all sizes and shapes to the building.  In exchange for a donation of either needed goods or cash, employees received a ticket to bring their dogs into the office for the afternoon.

The office is certainly a hair louder with jangling collars zipping through the aisles. Occasionally, a squeak can be heard across the office from an employee who just received a surprise greeting from a wet nose.  Afternoon visitors and callers have the pleasure of being greeted by two-year-old Butters, an energetic and loyal Golden Retriever mix, who is helping her mom welcome guests to the building at the reception desk.


When asked if he was having fun, the seven-month-old German-Shepard mix, Tucker, spoke up, “Woof!” (We think that means, “yes!” but it could also mean, “I’m cute, love me!”)

Keep waggin’ those tails pups, the entertainment is not yet over! The employee led-social committee, ACE of Clubs, jumped on the “dog-sled” and will host a happy hour with “treats” on our patio this afternoon. Additionally, on May 6th, a team of paws and feet will be walking in the Dumb Friend’s League’s annual Furry Scurry hosted in Denver’s Washington Park.

ACE of Hearts Chairperson Miranda Barron commented, “The ACE of Hearts Team and employees at Applied love the Denver Dumb Friends League! We’ve wanted to support this charity for several months and we’re very excited to bring this new event to our office to help animals in need.”

“Empowering employees to creatively solve problems – from working though our customer’s daily challenges to community outreach -is the best part about running this business.“ President Randy Schrader reflected, “Many thanks to the ACE of Hearts team – you have done a fantastic job, yet again, hosting a fun and impactful event that strengthens our company’s culture and supports the community at large!”

This inaugural fundraiser hosted 20 dogs and collected over $500 in donations for the Denver Dumb Friends League. Was it a success? In Tucker’s word’s, “WOOF!”

Dogs to Work Day - Problem Solving Pup

Kahlua, an 11 year-old Golden Retriever and Problem Solving Pup tours the Applied office!

Today, our Customer Order Specialist, Taylor, has eight paws assisting with orders!

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