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Oil & Gas Awards Finalist 2015

3rd Annual finalist logoApplied Control is proud to be listed among the finalists at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Region Oil and Gas Awards. These awards The Awards act as are a platform for the oil and gas industry to demonstrate and celebrate the advances made in the key areas of environmental stewardship, health & safety, efficiency, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

This year, Applied Control has qualified as a finalist in two categories:

  • Industry Supplier of the Year (Rocky Mountain Region)
  • New Technology Development of the Year (Rocky Mountain Region)

The projects that helped Applied Control gain recognition with for this honor include:

Bringing Safety to a New Level (SIL 3): HIPPs For Midstream

Project Summary:

One of the worst things that can happen in any industrial process is an over-pressure situation. The potential damage can range widely: vessel failures, damage to process equipment, release of flammable contents, environmental impacts, a fire or explosion, risk to personnel including injury and/or death. Regardless of the varying types of damage, the risk associated with these situations is rarely acceptable to any operator based on any number of Health, Safety and Environmental factors.

For one Midstream customer in particular, Applied Control designed a system which included three redundant pressure transmitters, two digital valve controllers, two solenoid valves, and four limit switches all connected to a DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solver and managed with Applied Control’s AMS Suite software package. By turning this particular HIPPS project over to Applied Control, the end-user and their engineering firm were able to cut their engineering time by two-thirds, trim vendors from 3 down to 1, and more importantly shave eight weeks off of the project schedule, allowing the project to start up on time.

Providing additional value to the end-user, Emerson Process Management’s (AMS)/FIELDVUE ValveLink Software provides diagnostics for valve partial stroke testing, allowing the plant to extend scheduled outages by verifying the availability of the HIPPS instrumentation/valves during normal plant operations.

While this turn-key HIPPS solution accounted for just 1% of the total DCS I/O, the value proved very significant in terms of an integrated platform between the process control system, safety instrumented system, and the HIPPS, and providing a common access point and interface to all aspects of plant controls, including partial stroke testing and documentation of test results.

Increasing Reliability, Safety and Operations: Compressor Reliability

Project Summary:

Oil and Gas exploration is not new to the Rocky Mountains, but it has changed a lot since the “Jake Well” was drilled in 2009 near Grover, Colorado. Systems that were engineered in the 1970’s to process dray gas are now being required to handle tremendous amounts of Natural Gas Liquids as well as oil and produced water that slip into the compression stream. This “new normal” operating environment led a Fortune 250 Energy company to seek out help from Applied Control to ensure safe and efficient operation of their compression equipment in Gathering and Midstream.

Applied Control was challenged to design a brand-new system that would detect mechanical problems in the valves, compression cylinders, and crossheads, and report on deviation from designed performance. The biggest challenge was that all of this analysis had to be done in an automated fashion as the end-user was not able to devote specific resources to the task.

Our Engineers began work to specify and build the right system to bring in all of the necessary data points that would be required for accurate and in-depth analysis in a real-time operating environment. Applied Control sought input from end-user operators, mechanics, corporate engineering and management in order to capture all of the operating knowledge and key performance indicators that often existed as “tribal knowledge” in an individual’s head, or orphaned within an isolated system where data was not previously accessible.

In addition to a few additional accelerometers and temperature readings to monitor the most critical elements of the compressors, the system relied heavily on previously instrumented process measurements which had never been used to evaluate the mechanical integrity of the machines. The data was then exported to an OPC Server which allowed Applied Control Engineers to build analysis algorithms in our Asset Performance Management software.

The construction of these algorithms was complex as it required many weeks of detailed analysis and building policies that would scan all of the process and mechanical integrity variables. This enabled the Asset Performance Software to run a health and performance calculation for each compressor based on each measurement’s deviation from desired operation. This provided the customer automated insight into the overall operation of the compressors, making reliable operations in this complex new environment truly feasible.

Applied Control shares their gratitude with all those involved in each of these projects: employees, colleagues and customers alike. In March, Applied Control will join others in the industry for the Awards Gala.

Applied Control feels honored to be recognized as a company dedicated to best practices, quality solutions, and integrity in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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