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Operational Certainty

Processes manufacturers across multiple industries all share common goals: increase safety, reliability, production output, and efficiency, and reduce emissions. The case to invest in your process is clear: studies* have shown that manufacturers who perform in the top quartile experience 3x fewer recordable safety incidents, increased plant availability coupled with half the maintenance costs, higher utilization rates and lower operation costs, as well as improved energy use with reduced emissions. Furthermore, making investments in automation yield the highest impact toward improving operational performance.

Real-Time Data & Actionable Insights

Did you know your automation equipment can do more for you than just control your process? At the base level, process engineers can access data about equipment reliability, energy use, safety, and optimization. Comparing real-time data against a rich database creates more intuitive modeling and actionable insights allowing engineers to make informed decisions and improve the process.

Improving on Trusted IIoT Tools

In the world of process automation, part of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) has been deployed for many years. Emerson first introduced PlantWeb as a way to connect equipment, field devices and control valves to control and safety systems. Over the past two decades, the connected tools and resources have expanded to include reliability, safety, production management, digital infrastructure and information distribution. Leveraging process and manufacturing expertise, the new Plantweb Digital Ecosystem goes beyond operational technology and securely connects the process to data and information technology. Applied Control has extensive experience deploying PlantWeb systems across a variety of manufacturers in the Rocky Mountain Region.

 The Path Forward

Only 5% of companies have an in-depth IIoT strategy for improving plant equipment reliability and maintenance. However, in many cases, not many changes need to be made to the underlying control infrastructure to gain access to this data. Here are a few additional tools and resources to get you started:

ISA: Natural Soda Case Study More about the Plantweb Digital Ecosystem Emerson Explains Why Operational Certainty


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**Industry Week Online Survey

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