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Distributed RTU Netowrk

DRTUWith the Distributed RTU Network, you can Distribute Wireless Control across a Network of RTU/Flow Computers:

• Reach First Production Faster
• Optimize Facility Development Costs
• Improve Operations Efficiency
• Maximize Lifetime Production and Yield

The Distributed RTU™ Network answers the challenge of connecting multiple wells spread over a wide geographical area in a cost effective and user-friendly way.  The Distributed RTU Network integrates Emerson’s FloBoss107 and ROC800 Series with radio technology and allows simplified configuration through Emerson’s ROCLINK™ 800.

The Distributed RTU Network optimizes production and yield from an existing asset by allowing easy, cost-effective integration of additional measurement points for increased site visibility and better control.  Production expansion can easily be achieved without taking the existing controllers offline.  This can result in significant cost savings during installation.  Engineering costs can also be reduced through simple, efficient tools and a templating process that enhances repeatability. 

The Distributed RTU Network is a “master-less” wireless network that allows equal distribution of information across the network.  The Distributed RTU Network creates a peer-to-peer addressable network of RTUs and flow computers, allowing any controller to browse and communicate data residing in the network. Combined with Emerson’s OpenEnterprise SCADA suite or another SCADA system, users can locate each node on the network to access data in a specific RTU.

The Distributed RTU Network’s ease of deployment speeds up installation by enabling wellpads to link together and share information while avoiding the efforts associated with burying wires in a costly trenching operation.

The Distributed RTU Network distributes control wirelessly across the entire platform, but does not require Modbus mapping because ROCLINK™ 800 makes configuring data transfer as easy as a drag and drop. This network diagram below demonstrates how the the distributed RTU Network gives you access to a sacalble wellpad architecture. Enjoy user program support, one Function Sequence Table, expanded history, one PID loop, alarm and event logging, local display option and user lists with the network bundle.

DRTU FloBoss 107 ROC 800-Series
Distributed RTU Network Brochure Network Radio Module Data Sheet Network Radio Module Data Sheet
Network Bundle Data Sheet ROC 800-Series Data Sheet
FloBoss 107 Flow Manager Data Sheet
Distributed RTU Network Instruction Manual FloBoss 107 Flow Manager Instruction Manual ROC 800-Series Instruction Manual

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