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FB2100 and FB2200 Flow Computers

The Next Generation Flow Computer

Maintain measurement integrity, meet cost targets, and reach safety goals with Emerson Flow Computers

Emerson’s flow computers are designed to enhance your measurement operations by improving performance, reducing measurement uncertainty and ensuring compliance with measurement contracts. Field engineers will notice the wide array of benefits that make their jobs easier, while management will appreciate the improved operational efficiency and peace of mind gained through improved safety and security measures.



The FB2100 is a cost-effective low-power field mount flow computer that measures and monitors gas flow for a differential pressure or linear meter run. Designed for simple configuration and ease of use, the cost effective FB2100 flow computer focuses on metering applications where control is not required. The FB2100 provides a full audit trail, including enhanced history, alarm and event logs. The I/O options can be as simple as a single discrete output (DO) for driving an odorizer or can be expanded to give two user configurable analog (AI or AO) channels and two user configurable discrete (DI, DO or PI) channels.

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The FB2200 flow computer measures and controls gas flow for up to two differential pressure or linear meter runs. With a rugged housing and multiple I/O, communications, and power options, the FB2200 provides accurate and reliable flow measurement in the harshest conditions. Designed for simplified configuration and ease of use, the FB2200 is also highly configurable and supports flow and fluid property calculations right out of the box. The flexible design provides exactly what is required for each application. The FB2200 can also be equipped with Mobile SCADA functionality allowing you to configure and retrieve site data more safely than before.

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FBxConnect is the New Flow Computer Configuration Tool featuring a modern user experience. This software features wizard driven set-up and configuration, testing and commissioning, troubleshooting and diagnostics, management of configurations settings, operational service tasks and online help.

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