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Field Automation Solutions

Integrated control solutions for any-scale field operation.

Applied Control has over 50 years of knowledge providing technology solutions for process control, underground storage, wellhead automation, alarm & ESD systems, gas (measurement & control), liquid gas pipeline measurement & control, compressor monitor, and product optimization. Our solutions portfolio integrates seamlessly with SCADA solutions (including Open Enterprise and third parties), network communications, satellite communications, radio communications and solar systems.

Delivering best fit solutions for any operation, combining top-quality products with unparalleled industry expertise.

Flow Computer Technology Configuration Software Wireless Options
FB1100 / 1200 FBxConnect
FB2200 FB2100 / 2200 FBxConnect
ROC 809 ROC 800 / 800L ROCLINK800 WirelessHART
FloBoss 107 Floboss 107 ROCLINK800 WirelessHART
DL8000 DL 8000 ROCLINK800
DL8000 ControlWave TechView
Applied Quality, Delivered:

UL 508A Certified Shop

In-House Panel Design

Panel Build

Panel Build

Factory Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing


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