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ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controllers

The ROC800-Series has become an industry leader for a variety of remote automation applications. As a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), the ROC800 has built a strong reputation as a rugged workhorse with great flexibility. The series consists of the ROC809 and the ROC827.

The ROC809 has a backplane that supports the central processing unit (CPU) module, power input module, three communication modules, and six I⁄O modules.

The base ROC827 has a backplane that supports the central processing unit (CPU) module, a power input module, and up to three communication or input⁄output (I⁄O) modules. You can expand the ROC827 by adding up to four expansion I⁄O racks. Each expansion I⁄O rack has a backplane and six slots to house I⁄O modules. The three modules of the ROC827—when combined with a maximum of four expansion I⁄O racks—allow expansion up to 27 slots.

  • High isolation, surge and short circuit protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operation temperature –40 to 75°C
  • Up to 9 easily installed modular I⁄O cards
  • Versatile serial and Ethernet communication
  • Class I, Div. 2 & Zone 2 hazardous location approval
  • Metering station support up to 12 runs
  • Large, configurable history storage
  • Easy-to-use ROCLINK 800 configuration software
  • Custom programming with Function Sequence Tables or DS800 IEC 61131-3 development suite

ROC800L Remote Operations Controller

The ROC800L is programmed to measure and control the flow of liquid hydrocarbons. These liquids include Crude Oil (API Group A), Refined products (API group B), Specialty Products (API Group C), Lubricating Oils (API Group D) and Light Hydrocarbons (API Group E). Other products can also be measured when physical characteristics such as density and thermal coefficient of expansion are known.

The ROC800L is ideal for oil well testing, Net Oil Computations (NOC), Leased Asset Custody Transfer skids and many other applications in oil production at the wellhead. It is also at home in pipeline control and custody transfer (fiscal measurement) applications and leak detection, and other pipeline transmission applications.

The ROC800L comes from the factory with programs installed and can be set up for most operations in minutes using ROCLINK configuration software.

For special control tasks the customer may add simple Function Sequence Tables (FSTS) for programming or with the DS800 tool program in any of the five EIC programming languages.

  • Low power requirement is suitable for solar panel operation
  • Provides signal isolation for protection from surges and lightening
  • Works with all flow meters – Turbine, Positive Displacement, Coriolis, Ultrasonic, and others
  • Can control digital, two-stage, and analog valves
  • Can work with large volume and compact provers as well as master meters
  • 40° C to 60° C operation
  • Measure up to 6 meter runs
  • Store information for up to 10 products in a queue for batch planning
  • Store meter factors for up to 24 products
  • Provide up to 16 PID loops for control of pumps, motors, valves, samplers, and meter provers
  • Slots for 27 I⁄O modules to measure and control over 200 points


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