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Wireless HART Interface (IEC 62591)


WirelessHART Interface: Monitor & Control With Confidence

Meet the first truly integrated remote terminal unit and flow computer: the IEC 62591 Wireless Solution. We know it as Wireless Hart. The IEC 62591 Wireless Interface, combined with Emerson’s Intelligent Wellhead and transmission solutions, will reduce installation challenges you face when the environmental demands on power consumption, temperature range, physical size, and mounting footprints are all issues you need to consider for your site.

Lower Total Installation Cost – Enjoy seamless and quick installation. Once the interface is installed, the RTU auto-detects the WirelessHART(R) devices as they are added to the network.

Simpler and More Flexible Project Deployment – This new interface is the first solution to not require gateway mapping, which will reduce start up time, eliminate high costs involved with trenching, layout conduit and pulling cables. Automatically, these wireless field devices find their way around obstacles and are auto recognized to speedup installation and create greater flexibility.

Improved Safety – Enhanced visibility and process knowledge across your site can improve personnel safety as time needed at remote sites to gather information is reduced. Furthermore, these Smart Wireless Field Devices are safely installed in hard-to reach and hazardous locations.

Increased Reliability – The Smart Wireless mesh network enables wireless field devices to automatically find alternate communication paths, avoiding obstacles so users have flexibility during setup. This IEC 62591 mesh communications approach enables greater than 99% communications reliability. The networks implement Encryption, Authentication, Verification, Anti-jamming and Key Management methods to ensure data transmissions are secure.

Enhanced Operating Performance – Monitor more and execute better with a rich set of field tools to provide easy access to the Remote Terminal Unit, flow computer, and Smart Wireless Field Devices for calibration, commissioning, and diagnostics to make operations more efficient by providing accurate measurement, precise monitoring, and preventing unplanned shutdowns.

Commonly used for Production Monitoring, Wellpad Control, Artificial lift, tank management solutions, metering skids, wellhead measurement, station control, metering stations, pressure control, leak detection, compressor stations, corrosion monitoring.

RTU Compatibility:

ROC 800 Series

Communicate with up to 60 Devices per Card

Control Wave Micro

Communicate with up to 100 Devices per Card

FloBoss 107

Communicate with up to 20 Devices per Card

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