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Access Performance Metrics with DeltaV LogbooksRegular tasks in a plant can be a chore to ensure that shift expectation are properly communicated. Scheduled and unscheduled tasks are typically manged manually and have variability in their on-time percentage and verification. DeltaV Logbooks allows the scheduling of tasks electronically to pre-populate the shift tasks as well as allowing the manual entry of non-routine tasks done on that shift. Integration with DeltaV allows these tasks to be seen in the field by operations. Electronic sign-off of the task completion ensures that the task was done and can visually show the metrics of area operations.

With automated Logbooks, Operations Leads can see a clear dashboard of upcoming tasks and prioritize shift-team actions:

Schedule View

Technicians can easily update Tasks progress from anywhere in the plant: Task Entry

And Plant Managers can monitor progress in a simple, intuitive dashboard:Shift Dashboard

How can Applied Control help you automate your shift turnover process to increase safety at your plant? Click on one of the links below to learn more about automated Logbooks, or fill out the form below and a specialist will be in touch with you.

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