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Logbooks-Safety-IconOn March 23, 2005, fifteen workers at the BP Texas City Refinery were killed and 180 injured following an explosion at the isomerization unit. The loss of life and resulting $1.5 billion in property damage could have been prevented by an effective shift logbook. Investigations of 30,000 documents and 370 interviews found that the night operator had filled the unit and left an incomplete logbook entry for the day shift operator. The day shift workers continued to fill the unit, unaware that the high alarm for the level had already gone off and was acknowledged by the night shift. The resulting overfill and lack of shift communication was a key factor in the accident.*

How does automating the logbooks process impact safety?

Utilizing an automated platform, like DeltaV Logbooks, you can:

  • Minimize shift handover risk
  • Improve task management and event visibility
  • Resolve issues quickly with electronic knowledge base

“One of the initial benefits of the Emerson Electronic Logbook is a formalized two way communication between staff and technicians. The use of the “Flags” allows a highlight to issues that an oncoming shift needs to be aware of. (Ex. A process issue that started while the shift coming on was off. ) Historically, this information was passed on by a variety of different ways (email, verbal) and was not always reliable. This program has allowed us to integrate several documents into a single source. It has replaced the night sheet and tune log (future). The electronic sign off also provides us with documentation that information was received.” – Monsanto Plant Operator

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How to Improve Safety with Plant Automation Tools

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*Source: Sanders, Roy E, Chemical Process Safety: Learning from Case Histories. Butterworth Heinemann, 22JUL15

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