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Prevent Misses with DeltaV LogbooksWhat may be an insignificant problem to one operation can be seen as a big problem to another. Operators at the Nine Mile Point #2 Reactor did not react to an incident of pumps shutting down due to a severed piece of hose fouling the pumps. The incident did not create a safety threat to the reactor, but the on duty operators did not note the incident. Plant Management, in turn, was not notified on the first incident of a pump being fouled, and ultimately led to a second incident of a pump being fouled. Three days passed before pumps were noted as inoperable. In the end, the nuclear Regulatory Commission report noted almost two dozen “missed opportunities” to correctly respond to the incident. DeltaV Logbooks can capture alarms that occurred during shifts to prevent a miss of a potentially serious situation.

“Searching for information in the Logbooks entries is much easier than it was in the past.  I can do a search on keyword, and bring up entries that contain that keyword.  Before, I would have to go through pages of entries to try and find what I was looking for” – Monsanto Plant Operator

…The logbook has allowed me as a supervisor to communicate with 3 shifts effectively and to monitor what happened on the off hours. – University Boiler House Operations Supervisor

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