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DeltaV PK Controller

Powerful Standalone Controller. Easily Integrated.

Offering the most versatile control solution on the market, the DeltaV PK Controller can be implemented for small-scale applications. The fit-for-purpose controller can act as a standalone (i.e. on a independent skid/process) or seamlessly merge into a larger DeltaV system. This versatility gives you the ability to shorten project schedules or accommodate late changes more easily.

The DeltaV PK Controller handles your toughest demands no matter the size or stage of your operation. Get advanced security, add capabilities with less footprint, and gain faster logic execution.

How the PK Controller Works:

Flexible Operating EnvironmentsReduce FootprintEliminate Data MappingFlexible I/OIntegrated Safety Solution

Designed to operate in standalone fashion the PK Controller operates without connecting to a server, panel HMI, or additional distributed control system elements.

In addition it can be configured as a native node on DeltaV DCS systems delivering a solution for faster control application

Reduce Footprint

1)     Easy Redundancy – eliminate the splitting of I/O in different carriers/chasis adding more cost and footprint. The PK Controller enables you to add a redundant controller onto the carrier next to the primary without adding footprint or making configuration changes.

2)     Readily Connect to Third-Party Devices – easily connect third-party devices such as panel HMIs and variable speed drives natively without the use of a dedicated Ethernet or I/O card.

3)     Ethernet Device Control Management – using six built-in Ethernet ports, the need for switches is eliminated in many applications. Native protocols include OPC UA Server, Modbus TCP client & server, and Ethernet/IP client.

Eliminating many of the pains, costs, and time associated with data mapping exercises.

Flexible I/O

Connect to any existing DeltaV I/O options including:

  • M-series traditional
  • S-series traditional
  • Charms I/O card, and
  • Wireless I/O cards

Integrated Safety Solution

The DeltaV PK Controller can be used with DeltaV SIS Electronic Marshalling and DeltaV SlS 1508 Safety Logic Solver – offering unique benefits and making it easily scalable.

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