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DeltaV SIS Process and Safety System

Like the DeltaV System, DeltaV SIS Process and Safety System offers reliable protection for your operations and improves the performance of your plant.  This system monitors sensors, logic solvers, and other elements of the process to ensure the timely detection of errors or defects before they have a detrimental effect on the operation.  Some distinguishing features include: Smart SIS, a modular distributed architecture, integrated but separate process viability, certified function blocks, and the system is built for IEC 61511 Compliance.

Smart SISModular ArchitectureIntegrated VisabilityFunction BlocksIEC 61511

Smart SIS Optimizes Project Reliability
Safety instrumented systems perform a critical role in providing safer, more reliable process operations. It is important to consider the entire safety instrumented function (SIF) as a complete entity – sensor, logic solver and final element – because most faults in SIS applications occur in the field. As a smart solution, the DeltaV SIS™ system continuously monitors the ability of sensors, logic solvers and final elements to perform on demand while diagnosing faults before they cause spurious trips. Digital HART communications enables this smart approach, which increases process availability and reduces lifecycle costs.

Smart Logic Solver:
Bulky logic solvers and multiplexers can now be replaced with state-of-the-art logic solvers that support digital communications to continuously monitor the health of the entire SIF. The DeltaV SIS logic solver, built for digital communications with safety sensors and final elements, uses the power of predictive field intelligence to increase the overall reliability of the entire SIF. Providing intelligent device diagnostic information allows staff to respond quickly and prevent unexpected downtime. The DeltaV SIS smart logic solver is TÜV-certified without exception for use in SIL 1-3 safety applications as defined by IEC 61508.

Smart Devices
Take the first step toward reducing undetected failures by replacing switches with transmitters. Smart transmitters have far fewer dangerous undetected failures than switches. Smart sensors, such as Emerson’s Rosemount™ and Micro Motion™ devices, go beyond detecting component failures. They evaluate the performance of the complete measurement system, extending diagnostics to detect formerly undetectable dangerous failures outside the physical bounds of the transmitter-providing both transmitter and process diagnostics. The end result is greater credit for failure-on-demand calculations, easier compliance with IEC 61511 guidelines, higher safe failure fractions, less redundancy, less proof testing and longer intervals between proof tests.

Smart Final Elements
Digital valve controllers, such as the FIELDVUE™ instrument, provide automated performance monitoring and testing by enabling partial stroke testing while the safety valve is online. Automated partial stroke testing of valves can improve safety integrity, reduce the number of risky personnel trips into the field, and extend the time between mandatory proof tests. The result is increased confidence that the valve will perform on demand while reducing costs. With no additional wiring required, partial stroke tests can be automatically initiated by the DeltaV SIS logic solver or manually initiated from standard operator faceplates and test results are automatically recorded for easy documentation.

Modular Distributed Architecture
The DeltaV SIS™ unique, modular distributed architecture enables customization for each SIS application. Whether you have an isolated boiler or a large ESD application, the DeltaV SIS system scales to help provide the safety coverage you require for your SIL 1, 2 and 3 applications. Modularity gives you the flexibility to meet changing project requirements. The DeltaV SIS architecture is flexible to help provide the safety you want, when you want, where you want.

Scalable Architecture
Unlike other approaches, the modular logic solver hardware scales in sizes of 16 configurable I/O. This means memory and logic solver processing is automatically added with increasing I/O count. The days of running out of memory or processing power are over. Furthermore, a capacity limit of 30,000 I/O provides flexibility and confidence that the DeltaV SIS system can be designed to fit the needs of large processes.

The DeltaV SIS logic solver also provides flexible redundancy. That means redundant logic solvers can be used only where availability is highly critical. Simplex logic solvers can be specified where availability is not as critical and be on the same node as the redundant logic solvers. Implementation of both simplex and redundant logic solvers have been certified by TÜV as SIL 3 rated.

A SIF-Based Approach
The DeltaV SIS architecture allows you to concentrate on the design of each safety instrumented function (SIF). Each logic solver is a container for a small number of SIFs, and there can be no unplanned interaction between them. This is very different from the traditional approach where hundreds of SIFs are all placed in a single safety PLC and the effect of changing a single register or the addition of a SIF could affect all of the logic. This architecture isolates SIFs, which eliminates single points of failure and simplifies change management. For complex applications, which require multiple SIFs acting on the same final element, input data is shared among multiple logic solvers so that cause and effect logic can easily be implemented in a single SIS module.

SISNet Secure Communications Network
Multiple DeltaV SIS nodes can be connected together via the SISNet secure communications network. The SISNet is a redundant counter-rotating fiber optic ring network that provides SIL 3 certified communications between DeltaV SIS nodes with very high communications reliability. The SISNet can provide the capability to distribute safety logic throughout a facility, installing just the right amount of logic solving where it is needed. The SISNet provides increased flexibility to implement megaprojects, as well as providing easier expansion of existing systems.

Increases Process Visibility
As an integrated control and safety system (ICSS), DeltaV™ and DeltaV SIS™ provides integrated engineering, maintenance and operations environment. All safety-related information is easily accessible through familiar and intuitive applications. The integrated but separate architecture complies with standards for physical separation and independence of safety and control, delivering the benefits of total integration and total separation without the tradeoffs associated with the two extremes.

Architecturally Independent Safe System
The DeltaV SIS power supplies, communication channels, hardware and real-time operating systems are physically separate and independent of the basic process control system (BPCS). This maintains the separation required by IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards. DeltaV SIS automatically monitors, controls and collects safety-related data.

The operator interface provides a powerful environment for safety operation, with built-in features for easy information access. To more effectively operate your plant, operators have one common operating environment for both the basic process control system (BPCS) and SIS when using the DeltaV control system.The engineering software allows you to manage all aspects of DeltaV and/or DeltaV SIS configuration, including hardware configuration, control strategies, built-in change management and history. The DeltaV SIS system maintains proper security on safety logic software and makes the management of required safety logic modifications easier.To manage change and maintain compliance over time, the DeltaV SIS system provides comprehensive version control and audit trail functionality for required engineering modifications. Electronic signatures ensure proper authorization for online changes.

Connecting to Existing BPCS
No matter what DCS or PLC you are using as your basic process control system, you can increase your plant’s availability using the advanced diagnostics in Emerson’s Smart SIS solution. Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP can be used to integrate the DeltaV SIS system and your BPCS. The DeltaV SIS system can connect with your BPCS via OPC or OPC .Net. All operating and event information can be made available to your operator interfaces and history collection software as part of an integrated solution.

Certified Function Blocks
No custom code is required to implement common SIS tasks with the IEC 61508 certified function blocks, providing faster configuration and troubleshooting of SIS logic. Standard operator faceplates automatically provide detailed safety information with no configuration. Using these function blocks can help eliminate engineering hours previously needed to implement ESD, FGS, and BMS applications. The certified function blocks deliver powerful functionality out of the box, simplifying the implementation of complex SIS applications.

Palatte of Safety Software Functions
The DeltaV SIS™ process safety system includes TÜV-certified function blocks designed specifically for safety loops. These out-of-the-box function blocks reduce what used to be pages and pages of ladder logic or custom programming to engineer, test, and commission into a simple drag-and-drop configuration activity. Included in the safety palette are: sequence of events, voters, cause and effect, state transition and step sequencer function blocks. Using standard function blocks instead of custom programming makes it easy for engineers to troubleshoot and maintain logic, even if they did not create it.

Status Handling
Input processing provides status handling with no need for custom code and different options are available. For example, voter blocks can automatically degrade voting when an input value is bad. With integrated HART I/O, device diagnostic information is automatically presented to the operator without mapping data tags or creating custom templates or faceplates.

Built-in Features
The DeltaV SIS function blocks include many features that make them useable as-is. Standard faceplates are included for most function blocks make configuring operator graphics easy. For proof testing or other maintenance needs, bypasses are available within the function blocks. The sequence of events block includes automatic first-out trapping, which reduces testing time and simplifies maintenance. Alarm management per EEMUA 191 is provided.

Built for IEC 61511 Compliance
The DeltaV SIS™ system is built for IEC 61511 compliance – providing stringent change management, security management and documentation tools. It is certified for use in SIL 3 applications without restriction. The system was designed from the ground up to simplify regulatory compliance, which eliminates concerns related to proper implementation.

Change Management
Increasingly stringent regulations require manufacturers to provide comprehensive documentation of their process. Configuration Audit Trail for DeltaV SIS is a powerful tool that tracks changes and manages revision information for any item in the configuration database. Comprehensive version control of a configuration item is automatically tracked and updated – maintaining quality data for regulatory compliance requirements and troubleshooting.

To support compliance requirements for online changes, the DeltaV SIS system uses an electronic signature functionality designed to meet the most stringent requirements. Any actions taken can be configured to require a confirmation in which the user’s name and password is needed to execute, as well as an additional verifying user name and password if required.

DeltaV SIS role-based user access provides complete flexibility to define the security structure to match any operating philosophy. A single sign-on can define groups of users and assign them privileges. For example, one group may be able to change only control operating parameters, while another may be able to change safety parameters. And you can limit a user to particular areas of the plant-providing you with peace of mind that only the appropriate people are making decisions affecting your plant. When you make changes to system users and their privileges in DeltaV™ User Manager, the changes are immediately applied across all DeltaV and AMS™ applications and Windows security is automatically updated.

Automated Event Records 
The Syncade™ Suite and the AMS Suite extend the value of PlantWeb™ by providing electronic manufacturing control and maintenance records. The Syncade suite optimizes plant-wide work processes and increases productivity. Safety workflow, such as proof-testing, is guided, verified, and documented for easy regulatory compliance. The AMS Suite reduces time spent on maintenance activities with automatic record keeping for a complete history, integrated device configuration, and using QuickCheck for easier interlock verification. Additionally, Meridium APM software can be seamlessly integrated with AMS Suite in real-time to easily verify proof-testing compliance.

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