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DeltaV Distirbuted Control System

Maximize operations performance with DeltaVTM

Improve operations by harnessing today’s predictive technologies in an easy, intuitive and interoperable way.

The DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) is an easy-to-use automation system that simplifies operational complexity and lowers project risk. The state-of-the-art suite of products and services increases plant performance with intelligent control that is easy to operate and maintain.

The DeltaV DCS adapts to meet your needs, scaling easily without adding complexity. The inherent integration of the DeltaV system extends to batch, advanced control, change management, engineering tools, diagnostics, and more.


With the introduction of I/O on Demand, an unprecedented amount of field I/O adaptability, ease-of-integration and plant availability becomes possible. Costs and concerns around single points of failure, marshalled crosswiring, power and grounding of FOUNDATION fieldbus segments, and late project I/O and process design change orders can completely disappear. Regardless of I/O type – traditionally wired I/O, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, AS-i bus, or even redundant wireless–you can add and begin using the information all natively and with far less engineering, design, and field work. You choose the I/O you need, we make it easy.

Available Electronic Marshalling
Making late project changes is now easier and less costly, because new field wiring can be added to cabinets at any time with no impact on the system architecture. DeltaV Electronic Marshalling lets you land field cabling wherever you want, regardless of signal type or control strategies. With Electronic Marshalling, each terminal block has a single channel characterization module, or CHARM, which allows field wiring of any signal type to be terminated anywhere.

Traditional I/O
Traditional I/O is a modular subsystem that offers flexibility during installation. It’s designed to be installed in the field near your devices. Modularity, protection keys, and plug–and–play capabilities make DeltaV traditional I/O a smart choice for your process control system–available in two designs–S–series and M-series. The S-series exterior hardware design delivers easier installation and improved robustness while still using the same field-proven electronics and operating system as the M–series hardware.

Smart Wireless
Many plants are missing important measurements – typically where it is cost prohibitive to add wiring. Emerson’s Smart Wireless Instruments create self-organizing wireless networks based on the globally accepted WirelessHART (IEC 62591) standard – providing secure, robust, and reliable performance. The DeltaV Wireless I/O Card is auto-detected on the DeltaV network and WirelessHART devices are auto-sensed as they are added to the network. No site survey is needed, so instrumentation setup is fast, easy, and cost efficient. Devices automatically find the best communication paths with adaptive, self-monitoring and self-healing mesh routing to ensure 99.9% reliability.

Process control applications come in many different sizes and levels of complexity. It’s critical to have an architecture built to support this required scalability, or you end up with multiple, isolated, difficult-to-integrate solutions.

Instrumentation Scalability
Technologies like Wireless HART and its self–organizing wireless mesh network help you scale your instrumentation device by device, and area by area within your plant. Predictive diagnostics across all of these devices along with your HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus and Profibus DP devices-even across multiple DeltaV systems, enable you to proactively manage your resources.

Architecture Scalability
The DeltaV architecture scales in size from 25 I/O to over 1 million I/O. DeltaV Zones segment the systems to ensure flexible operation and expansions with enhanced system performance. Maintenance or commissioning activities can be performed in each zone without impacting other zones. Also, to more easily manage software upgrades based on process criticality, each system can operate using different DeltaV software revisions, and still share data across zones. The DeltaV system expands online, without redesign, and with the existing software-no upgrade required.

Application Scalability
The DeltaV system scales in functionality to provide you with the tools you need for your process control application. With a common set of engineering tools and a common database, it provides a single platform and eliminates the typical headaches associated with integration. You have the flexibility to add advanced control, or batch, or safety instrumented functions as needed.

No matter your application’s size all hardware components are the same, the engineering tools are the same, operations and maintenance applications are the same. The result? Less training, fewer spares, and easier operations.

Embedded Intelligent Control
DeltaV embedded intelligent control provides you a full array of applications including enhanced PID control, automatic variability inspection, tuning, fuzzy logic control, model predictive control, and neural networks. Never before has a control system provided a full suite of embedded advanced control applications that enable you to get the most from your plant, with the least amount of effort.

Advanced Control-easy
DeltaV advanced control applications are part of the same, easy–to–learn and–use environment as standard regulatory control. PID, Fuzzy, Predict, and Neural function blocks are all available for you to drag and drop from the Control Studio pallet–it’s that easy!

Reliable Information
The DeltaV system uses validated data and equipment health information from intelligent field assets to ensure appropriate control action is taken, preventing unwanted shutdowns when an asset fails.

All DeltaV control functionality runs in the DeltaV controller, including advanced control algorithms. This ensures that critical strategies run in a high-speed, rugged, optionally redundant environment.

Online Adaptability
With its embedded learning capability the DeltaV system provides continuous closed loop adaptive control to automatically respond to changing process conditions. The result: more precise control and efficient operations, and the flexibility to confidently respond to changing market demands. By reducing process variability, embedded intelligent control keeps your process running normally and in control. This prevents abnormal situations, such as process disturbances, upsets, and events that can lead to unwanted shutdowns or hazardous consequences.

Inherently Integrated
The DeltaV system comes with the commissioning and monitoring power to connect your operations with the predictive intelligence in smart devices for greater availability. The system’s inherent integration extends to batch, advanced control, change management, engineering tools, diagnostics, simulation, and event and continuous historian. And the DeltaV system is tightly integrated with Syncade™ Suite for operations management; AMS Suite which provides predictive maintenance; and the DeltaV SIS™ system which provides an integrated yet separate process safety system.

Engineering Tools
The DeltaV system gives you the flexibility to implement your system how you want, when you want, where you want. Multiple users can concurrently configure the system and access the global configuration database from DeltaV workstations. For very large or tight deadline projects, the DeltaV system’s multi-client architecture provides off-line configuration, bulk editing in spreadsheet mode, bulk import from third-party software, and bi-directional communication with Intergraph’s SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools). The result: fewer engineering hours and higher quality project deliverables because shared data is entered once and manual transfer errors are eliminated.

Comprehensive Batch
DeltaV Batch is based on the ISA 88.01 batch standard and provides flexibility for agile manufacturing to meet real time demands and captures comprehensive records for regulatory compliance. Whether it is the physical, procedural, or class-based model, the DeltaV system is built for batch. DeltaV Batch ensures proper sequencing and automatically captures comprehensive records for regulatory compliance. Additionally, the embedded electronic signature functionality meets the stringent requirements of FDA 21CFR Part11. The S88 compliant structure enables you to develop a library of software modules that can be reused-significantly reducing testing. Version control and audit trail functionality automatically tracks changes and ensure proper authorization.

Continuous Historian
The Continuous Historian is a database designed for historical storage, retrieval, integration into the DeltaV system, and open access. It captures analog, discrete, and text data and stores it for future analysis. Ready access to continuous and event historical information from your process is critical to operating, analyzing, and optimizing your process. Instead of being a layered application afterthought, the DeltaV Continuous Historian is embedded in the system and can easily scale from 250 to 30,000 historical items. No data mapping or non-value engineering is required.

Build for Purpose
The DeltaV system takes advantage of the cost benefits and open standards of Commercial Off–the–Shelf Technologies (COTS), then adds application functionality to allow the equipment to function like other parts of the automation system (i.e. plug-and-play capability, full lifecycle support without upgrades, security built in). We call this balance “Built for Purpose”.

Built for You
The DeltaV system has led the way in easy–to–use engineering applications to simplify project execution and ongoing maintenance. Whether your application is continuous, batch, or process safety–related, this common set of engineering applications provides the simplicity and flexibility for your most demanding applications.

Built for Process Control
The DeltaV system enables you to quickly deploy state–of–the–art intelligent control to improve your process plant performance, without the aid of costly outside experts. DeltaV hardware components are plug–and–play. You plug them in and they are auto–sensed and recognized by the system. Software configuration is drag–and–drop, with automatic process control functionality delivered out of the box. With the DeltaV system, you install your system hardware, connect everything together, configure the logic and everything works–easy!

Built for Security
DeltaV Smart Switches come completely preconfigured to plug–and–play in the DeltaV network. To prevent physical intrusion on the control network, you can automatically lock down unused switch ports with a single mouse click. DeltaV controller firewalls further protect your control hardware. Alerts and diagnostics from switches and security devices are integrated with other maintenance alerts so your maintenance staff, not your IT staff, can quickly address any issues.

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