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Plantweb Advisor Suite

Emerson’s Plantweb Advisor Suite is a scalable set of software products developed for that goal and is a key component of Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem. The comprehensive suite offers two new applications, Health Advisor and Performance Advisor, in addition to the previously released Energy Advisor – all of which leverage the industry-standard OSIsoft Pi System’s highly scalable open data infrastructure that captures and shapes data generated by equipment.

Using the Plantweb Advisor Suite, a plant’s essential assets are continuously monitored for potential problems with Health Advisor, operating efficiency of a plant’s equipment is tracked through Performance Advisor, and Energy Advisor maps and manages a plant’s energy consumption in real time.

With Plantweb Advisor, you can access Safety, Reliability and Efficiency at your fingertips:

About  Applications
Plantweb Performance Advisor allows you to run your process more efficiently, track operating performance against targets, schedule maintenance activities, and determine the root cause of production asset inefficiencies. With PlantWeb Advisor, you can: Pumps & Compressors

Gas and Steam Turbines

Boiler & HRSG

Heater, Heat Exchanger & Cooling Towers

Plantweb Energy Advisor is a real-time Energy Management Information System (EMIS) that automates the process of mapping and managing energy consumption across a site, as it is being consumed. Real-time alerts, dashboards and emails notify decision-makers when energy consumption is above expected so that actions may be taken to drive down energy costs. We also provide rigorous models of energy consumption for certain asset classes, e.g., boilers, furnaces and heat exchangers. Models can also be based on historical data fitted to actual operations (heuristic).
Plantweb Health Advisor is a preconfigured application that continuously analyzes both process and asset health data to provide an overall asset health rating (0-100%). Reports blower Health Indication for bearing and gear wear, operating near known resonance, louver mechanical defect and plugged suction filter. Pumps



Cooling Towers

Heat Exchangers

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