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Reduce Slowdowns, Shutdowns, and Maintenance Costs with Reliability Solutions

Your facility operates 24/7.  However, you can be operating blind if your essential assets are monitored infrequently using manual measurements. Emerson’s cost-effective monitoring solutions can provide you with anytime, online insight into your essential assets to help you prevent unplanned shutdowns, improve reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. In fact, our effective essential asset monitoring programs have been shown to save clients up to 13% of maintenance costs, reclaim 0.9% of lost production, and save up to 2% of preheat energy costs every year.

Challenge:  You are responsible for meeting production commitments while minimizing slowdowns, eliminating shutdowns, reducing maintenance and energy costs and minimizing safety and environmental incidents. And all of these critical business challenges are interdependent. A single unplanned shutdown or slowdown can have a cascading effect, whether you manage a refinery, a chemical or petrochemical facility, or other large process facility. If equipment reliability suffers, so will throughput, costs, and margins.

Reliability and efficiency suffer not because critical assets are unmonitored—but because less critical, but still essential assets often lack adequate monitoring. Issues with these assets can cause an unscheduled slowdown or shutdown. This reduced availability limits throughput across your facility and can increase the probability for serious HSE incidents. Call us today at 303-799-9300 to learn how to  deliver quantifiable and lasting improvements that give you a proven edge over your competitors.

What if you could…

  • Mitigate production losses caused by unplanned shutdowns and slowdowns— potentially saving millions of dollars per year?
  • Use predictive diagnostics to reduce your maintenance costs—up to 50% per incident?
  • Identify accelerated heat exchanger fouling and improve fired heater efficiency—saving millions on your fuel bills?

Solution:  Reliability  Solutions provided to you by Applied Control are cost-effective to install and enable automated monitoring of your air cooled heat exchangers (fin fans), blowers, compressors, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps, and more. Automated predictive monitoring delivers diagnostics, as well as equipment and process health alerts that enable your operators to preschedule maintenance when needed or make timely, corrective actions to keep your facility up and running efficiently. Each solution is pre-engineered using proven methods of measurement and scalable to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Results:  Essential asset monitoring provides invaluable insight into asset health to improve reliability, increase production capacity, and save on maintenance and energy costs. Working with Applied Control and Emerson experts can help you easily identify and justify asset monitoring improvements to reduce unplanned shutdowns and slowdowns and virtually eliminate HSE incidents.

Applied Control & Emerson offer scalable monitoring solutions for all of the following essential assets: 
Visit the pages below to learn more, or call us (303-799-9300) to learn which solutions will best meet the needs of your unique operation.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers: Icing, reduced cooling, resonance frequency, alignment issues, louver damage
Blowers: Bearing wear, alignment issues, louver damage, blade damage, resonance frequency
Cooling Towers: Icing, warming, water chemistry problems, fan issues, pump issues, louver issues
Heat Exchangers: Heat duty, fouling, plugging, solid precipitation, vaporization in tubes, lost energy costs
Pumps: Cavitation, lubrication issues, seal leaks, bearing wear, alignment issues, plugged strainer
Compressors:  Bearing wear, lubrication issues, blade imbalance, alignment problems


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