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AMS Device Manager

AMS Device Manager gathers real-time data from field devices, which provides plant staff with information on which they can base decisions concerning the maintenance of these devices.  This software will aid in determining whether maintenance or replacement is necessary, and will improve the quality of production.  The goal is to resolve problems with devices before they occur or quickly after they are noticed, as to avoid larger-scale problems. Predictive maintenance helps plants avoid unplanned shutdowns and inefficient practices that eat away at profits.

AMS Device Manager helps avoid these unnecessary costs with a universal window into the health of intelligent field devices. It gives your maintenance and operations personnel the ability to work smarter. Based on real-time condition data from your intelligent field devices, plant staff can respond fast and make informed decisions on whether to maintain or replace field devices.

With AMS Device Manager, you can commission and configure instruments and valves, monitor status and alerts, troubleshoot from the control room, perform advanced diagnostics, manage calibration,and automatically document activities with a single application.

AMS Device Manager reduces commissioning and maintenance expenses while improving plant availability and product quality. In process industries where lost production can cause millions in lost revenue, AMS Device Manager delivers accurate, real-time information to plant personnel. Gain these powerful predictive diagnostic capabilities in your plant with AMS Device Manager:

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Diagnostics & Monitoring
AMS Device Manager lets you quickly check the health of any connected device by viewing its status. A Status screen displays an asset health overview, as well as critical or informational status messages that allow you to decide if any action needs to be taken.

AMS Device Manager allows you to change, store, compare, and transfer device configurations.

With AMS Device Manager, you can define test schemes, schedule calibrations, and manage calibration data. The Test Scheme includes the calibration interval, test point requirements, and accurac, as well as both set-up and clean up instructions.

Advanced Alert Monitoring
Advanced alert monitoring functionality allows you to better manage your alerts and to make targeted decisions. Alert Monitor allows you to easily filter alert based on severity, location, or tag, so you can quickly determine your maintenance actions.

Automated Documentation
Automated documentation management will save you valuable time. The AMS Device Manager Audit Trail automatically generates a historical record for maintenance activities associated with each device connected to AMS Device Manager.

Faster Startup & Commissioning
AMS Device Manager helps your maintenance staff work more efficiently with lower costs and fewer trips to the field. With AMS Device Manager, you’ll reduce operating and maintenance costs in installation, commissioning, and regular ongoing maintenance because your staff can perform these quickly and easily.

Improved Quality
With AMS Device Manager, online device diagnostics and status information alert you to any device not performing as it should. You gain process consistency through properly performing field devices.

Increased Availability
AMS Device Manager provides real-time online access to intelligent device diagnostics and alerts, so you always know how devices are performing and have valuable information about the health of the device. Predictive information can alert you to a device that is likely to fail, so you can replace it at a convenient time, rather than suffer from a costly unscheduled shutdown.

Reduced Costs
AMS Device Manager reduces capital costs by enabling you to configure the same field device for a variety of applications. As a result, you can significantly reduce the number of field devices needed. For example, AMS Device Manager, in conjunction with the Rosemount 3095 MultiVariable™ Mass Flow Transmitter, offers three measurements for the cost of one field device.

Simplified Compliance & Safety
Emerson’s AMS Device Manager makes regulatory compliance an automatic part of the real work. When maintenance functions are performed using AMS Device Manager, records are automatically produced and logged in an audit trail. The documentation step is done simultaneously and accurately.

Use SNAP-ON applications with AMS Device Manager to gain advanced diagnostic functionality for specialized applications.

  • AlertTrack helps you to identify the root cause of a problem so you can correct the issue before the equipment is damaged.
  • AMS ValveLink monitors the health of the valve assembly and provides customized diagnostics for advanced troubleshooting.
  • AMS Wireless gives you more power to manage your wireless networks.
  • Calibration Assistant interfaces with documenting calibrators to manage the calibrations of HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, wireless, and conventional devices. It allows you to easily group your devices into test schemes and calibration routes for maximum efficiency.
  • MV Engineering Assistant provides faster setup, reduced chances of improperly-configured flow transmitters, and accurate device measurements for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus Rosemount multivariable transmitters, Mass ProBar, and Mass ProPlate flowmeters.
  • Meter Verification gives you the ability to verify and document the performance and overall health of your Micro Motion Coriolis mass flowmeters from the comfort of your control room.
  • Quick Check allows you to streamline interlock checkout by grouping, monitoring, and fixing the output of HART transmitters directly from your AMS Device Manager workstation. Use the AMS Device Manager Audit Trail to automatically document a complete history of the checkout process.

Third Party Applications are available for Masoneilans ValVue, Smar’s Valid and Flowserve’s ValveAnalysis.

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