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AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert

Portable vibration analysis is the cornerstone of a successful predictive maintenance program. However, some anomalies, like root cause investigations and machine train evaluations, can surpass the capabilities of even the most sophisticated 2-channel portable data collector. For example, turbo machinery start-ups, coast downs and production state monitoring require multi-channel, simultaneous recording, vibration monitoring, and real-time feedback to capture rapidly changing events across an entire machine train.

Emerson’s AMS  2600 Machinery Health Expert satisfies the need between two-channel portable analyzers and permanently installed online vibration monitoring by borrowing the best from both solutions. Before a planned outage, setup the AMS 2600 to simultaneously record up to 24 channels of continuous sensor data and up to 4 tachometers for speed references.

With AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager, view waveforms, spectral data, and live orbits. Replay events using a customized view for further analysis, or replay as a presentation to the maintenance staff. Configure the AMS 2600 for waveform processing using PeakVue technology, order tracking, time synchronous averaging, or predefined parameters for advanced analysis.

The AMS 2600 can be configured and applied in a variety of applications — diagnosing a suspected load, speed, or batch dependent problem, bringing a new machine online, or verifying critical speed prior to machine acceptance from the vendor.

  • Portable, 24-channel machinery health monitor and analyzer helps troubleshoot your entire machine or group of machines
  • Includes transient analysis for turbo machinery start up, coast down, and production state monitoring
  • Monitor and record all channels continuously
    and simultaneously for hours, days, or weeks unattended
  • MS Suite integration saves time and facilitates multi-technology integration
  • PeakVue™ technology can be added for early identification of bearing wear in paper machines, rolling mills, complex gearboxes and rolling element bearing machines

AMS 2600 Portable Vibration Analysis Device Data Sheets

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AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert Open PDF Data Sheet
AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert Open PDF User Guide
Prediction and Protection for Production Assets Open PDF Brochure
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