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Process interruptions strain operations:

Keeping your process running brings on a new set of challenges. Equipment will naturally wear over time, at varying rates. When critical equipment fails, entire processes can come to a halt and risks site safety. An effective process reliability program would help the process stay operational between maintenance rounds, outages or turnarounds to keep the process optimized.

Options for increasing site reliability:

To bridge the gap, operators lean on a variety of tools and services to evaluate machine health and take actions to increase process reliability. These tools can provide insight to existing problems with the aim of protecting the process against failures, and even predict the likelihood of failure.

Process Reliability with 360-Health Monitoring

Process Reliability Tools:

Portable Vibration Monitoring: The next generation in portable vibration monitoring is here: The CSI 2140. Collect vibration data faster and more efficiently than any other tool on the market. This device features powerful processing tools, a bright full color touchscreen and a long lasting battery with 10+ hours of power.
Portable Vibration Analyzers: Collecting data on your equipment accurately and quickly is important to identify fixes that need to be implemented before your next plant breakdown.  With products like the  CSI 2600 you’ll be able to identify developing faults. Wireless Vibration Transmitter:The CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter helps maintenance and operations personnel monitor hard-to-reach or dangerous locations. Connecting easily to any machine, this transmitter will deliver overall vibration and diagnostic information through a secure, dependable, self-organized wireless network.
Continuous Protection & Monitoring: The CSI 6500 is an online machinery monitoring solution which combines API 670 protection with prediction and performance monitoring in a single chassis.  Protect your plant with this integrative solution for managing both fixed and rotating assets. Laser Alignment: Adding laser alignment and dynamic balancing to your existing vibration analyzer creates a complete solution for your rotating machinery. The CSI 8225 provides laser guided confidence checks to ensure equipment is right on target and also integrates the data with the AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager.
Infrared Thermography: Emerging mechanical defects, electrical system faults, and insulation damages are often signaled by excessive heat or heat loss. Using an infrared thermography device, like the CSI 9830 Machinery Health Imager, you can quickly and accurately assess machinery temperature. AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager: Software which lends a comprehensive status view into each of your monitored machines giving you the advantage of faster and more accurate diagnosis. The AMS Suite will integrate seamlessly with all CSI Technologies.
Lubrication Analysis: Analyze your machinery lubrication program onsite with the Spectro 5200. This unique system lends insight to and detects oil-related problems in compressors, pumps, gears, engines, turbines, hydraulics and process machinery. Reciprocating Compressor Monitor: Reciprocating compressors are often maintenance-intensive machines at a production facility and are critical to production uptime. With Emerson’s integrated approach for reciprocating assets, rotating and reciprocating machines can now be monitored through one maintenance management system.
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