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Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller

Fisher L2e Level ControllerThe rugged Fisher L2e electric level controller uses a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level or the interface of two liquids of different specific gravities. This on-off controller is ideal for controlling level in oil and gas separators, treaters, and scrubbers. The reliability of the L2e force balanced sensor design makes it well suited for applications in the oil and natural gas production, compression, and processing industries.

Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller Features

  • Repeatable Electric Level Control —In conjunction with the Fisher easy-Drive™ electric actuator, a fully electric level control loop is tunable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Effective Level Loop Tuning— Intuitive Zero and Span adjustments allow flexibility in setting loop performance over a level range of 5.0 to 559 mm (0.2 to 22 inches).
  • More Reliable Control—Premium quality hermetically-sealed switch with gold contacts and advanced knife-edge sensing provide highly dependable and accurate liquid level control.
  • On-Line Field Support —Our instrument technicians can access wiring, setup, calibration, tuning, and trouble-shooting.
  • Environmentally Responsible—Replacing a conventional pneumatic level loop with fully electric level control eliminates controller and dump valve venting and requires less maintenance.
  • Consumes No Electrical Power —Quality of design and components help ensure no leakage current.
  • Vibration Resistant Sensor Dynamics—Controller performance and reliability does not degrade in high vibration installations, such as on compressor scrubbers.
  • Field-Configurable Vertical or Horizontal Displacer— Displacer may be adjusted in the field for vertical or horizontal operation without additional parts.
  • Field Technician Friendly—The sensor can be easily disassembled to inspect or replace process seals. The controller, with no repairable or replaceable parts, is easily replaced in the field.
  • NACE Service Ready— Standard construction uses materials that comply with the requirements of NACE MR0175-2002.
  • CL1500 Pressure Rating—Sensor assembly is designed and specified for ASME B16.34 CL1500 service when using a Polyvinylchloride (PVC) displacer. For PED (97/23/EC) maximum pressure is limited to 200 bar (2900 psig).
Product Bulletin: Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller
Instruction Manual: Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller
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