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ValveLink™ Software

Fisher® ValveLink™ Software Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
ValveLink™ Software allows you to streamline maintenance activities and optimize process control operations.

ValveLink™ Software is the configuration, calibration, and diagnostic tool used with FIELDVUE™ Instrumentation.

It allows maintenance and operations personnel to monitor control valve health and performance online and improve reliability by spotting problems before they affect the process. ValveLink Software is available as a stand-alone application, a SNAP-ON™ application to AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager or integrated into DeltaV™ System with fieldbus.

Fisher® ValveLink™ Mobile Software
ValveLink™ Mobile Software allows you to set up, commission, and troubleshoot your valve assembly easily using an user interface with the familiar look and feel as those seen on PDA and mobile electronics.

With the release of version 3.2 for the 475 and 375 Field Communicators, users gain a powerful new way to run valve diagnostics for HART Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers directly in the field. Users can now analyze and review valve assembly condition and performance without affecting the process. Additional capabilities include performing and analyzing advance diagnostics such as valve signatures, dynamic error band, step response, and stroke speed testing.

The user-friendly interface uses intuitive icons and can be easily run with just a finger and thumb – no stylus required. Users can use the touch screen to easily scroll through the diagnostic test results.

The full color display on the 475 Field Communicator presents valve signature data in an easy-to-understand graphical form. For a more detailed view, simply select a portion of the plot and zoom in.

Easily transfer diagnostics from ValveLink Mobile to a PC using Bluetooth, IrDA, or an SD card reader and integrate with AMS Device Manager for additional analysis. 

Note: ValveLink Mobile on the 375 Field Communicator requires a 1 GB system card. Color display and Bluetooth capabilities are not available on the 375 Field Communicator.

ValveLink Mobile currently does not support FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.

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