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Cyclonic Choke Valves

Since 1991, Cyclonic has been setting the standard for precise and repeatable control of gases and liquids. We listen to our customers and then design and manufacture valves to meet and exceed their expectations.

How do we do that?

Cyclonic’s in-house manufacturing capability means shorter lead times, superior quality control, and unmatched customer service.

Our valves are machined from solid bar stock, in API 4130 (75K) or 316 stainless steel, or from customer-specified material. Cyclonic’s tungsten carbide wear components and proprietary designs provide Class VI shutoff, low torque operation, and accurate flow control.

Our exclusive “Side Entry” design allows simple one-man changeout of the tungsten carbide discs to reconfigure the valve for changed flow conditions and for complete in-line inspection and maintenance critical for increasing safety and protecting the environment – all without taking the valve out of line, or removing the actuator.

Our EDS™ “Erosion Detection System” can prevent fluids or gases from escaping into the environment by providing early warning of significant valve erosion before an incident occurs.

How are they used?

Cyclonic valves are available in most common line sizes from 1″ to 6″ and in pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi. End connections available include API and ANSI flanges, NPT, BW, SW, Victaulic©, wafer style or other customer specified connections.

Some of the applications in which Cyclonic valves are used are:

  • Production chokes – automated and manual
  • Control of high pressure injection of CO2, water, and steam
  • Bypass valves
  • Blow-off / Bleed-Down valves
  • OEM Downhole and Horizontal Pump Testing facilities
  • Compressor Suction / By-pass / Discharge valves


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