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Applied Control’s Valve Automation Team has been providing customers with customized process automation solutions since 2003.  We specialize in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric powered valve automation products for the oil and gas, refining, power, food and beverage, and life sciences industries.

On Off Valve AutomationApplied Control has the products, facilities, shop personnel and engineering resources to supply all your valve automation needs. Our wide array of industry leading actuator and controls product lines allow us to automate virtually any valve. Each valve is mounted to its actuator and control components in our Englewood, Colorado shop and the assembly is functionally tested before shipment. Our Valve Automation Application Engineers work with you to ensure you select the best-suited valve, actuator and accessories required for your application. Call 303-799-9300 to find out more. 

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At Your Service

  • We maintain a local inventory of actuators, valves, and control components to meet your most demanding applications.
  • All actuators and control components are inventoried in low temp configuration suitable for ambient temperatures as low as -40°F to meet the extreme conditions of the Rocky Mountain Region.
  • Actuators, limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners, tubing and accessories are mounted, calibrated and tested on the valve before each assembly ships. 
  • Safety Systems with SIL ratings and partial stroke testing requirements are a standard for us. Our Valve Automation Application Engineers can assist you with these equipment and testing specifications.
  • Our skilled VA shop personnel are available to provide shop-based or on-site repair and trouble-shooting services for your pneumatic actuated and motor operated valves (MOVs).
  • We routinely accommodate customer inspections of our valve assembly and testing procedures in our Englewood, CO shop.
  • New and existing valves can be automated to your specifications.
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