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Power Plant ID Fan Control Valves

Project Overview

A coal fired power plant in Colorado increased its efficiency by improving control of the combustion air flow downstream of the plant’s ID fans.  Applied Control Equipment installed Fisher DVC positioners onto six 36″ knife gate valves along custom long-stroke valve position feedback devices.

Application Requirements

The plant required the ability to monitor and control the position of the ID fan isolation valves with its Emerson Ovation DCS via a 4-20 mA HART signal. The long stroke requirement of the 36″ knife gate valves exceeded the limit of traditional valve position feedback devices.

Applied Control Equipment’s Solution

ACE’s VA team installed Fisher DVC positioners onto six 36″ knife gate valves with pneumatic cylinder actuators.  Act-Smart® XACT long stroke position sensing devices were installed on each valve to sense and feed the valve position back to the DVC.  Calibration and testing of each DVC was completed in ACE’s Centennial, CO shop.  Documentation was provided with the completed valves verifying the stroke time of each valve and providing instrument calibration details.  Each completed valve assembly is 18′ long, weighing 3,200 lbs.

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