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Crosby Pressure Relief Valves

A market leader in direct spring PRV technology, Crosby was the first to certify on liquid service and one of only a few in the ASME I and III markets. Since 1874, Crosby direct spring-operated safety and relief valves have been among the world’s most widely used relief valves for gas, liquid, steam, and multi-phase applications in oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical, and chemical processing systems. They are also used for utility and industrial steam generators, and steam systems in power generation facilities.

Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Model Pressure Temperature Size Type
H Series Direct Spring Safety Valves Up to 2700.6 psig Up to +1000°F NPS 1-6 Spring Operated
Style JQ Pressure Relief Device Up to 450 psi -20°F – +250°F NPS 1½-3 Steam
JB and JPV-A, Large Orifice Pressure Relief Valve 25 to 300 psig -20°F – +450°F 10×14 – 20×24 Spring Operated
Series 82 Direct Spring Operated PRV for Natural Gas N/A -15°F – +399°F NPS ¾-1 Steam
Crosby OMNI-TRIM Direct Pressure Relief Valves Up to 1499.69 psig -450°F – +750°F NPS ¾-2 Spring Operated
Series JOS-E, JBS-E, JLT-JOS-E, JLT-JBS-E, JOS-H-E Spring Loaded Up to 9993.1 psig -450°F – +1000°F NPS 1-8 Spring Operated
Style PVR Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve Up to 125 psi -15°F – +399°F NPS 3-4 Steam


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