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Pressure Management & Instrumentation

Applied Control is a one-stop supplier for all of your valve, valve automation, pressure management & instrumentation needs.  We are dedicated in our efforts to provide our customers with timely response and quality solutions to your process control requirements.

We proudly provide you with the products that are best in class for safety and quality by Emerson and Ashcroft. These products integrate seamlessly with the full Emerson product line in our UL-certified shop and every valve is quality-tested before it ships.

Need help with gauge calibration, liquid filling, seal assembly or quote preparation? Check out our great services, or call us today at 303-799-9300.

Pressure Management:

Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Relief Valve
Change Over Devices
Conservation Vents
Emergency Vents
Flame Arrestors
Pilot Operated Relief Valves
Tank Blanketing Valves
Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Thief Hatches,  Vent Valves & PVRVs

Flame & Detonation Arrestors

Safety & Instrumentation:

Ashcroft - Pressure Protection & Instrumentation INSTRUMENTATION
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches
Temperature Switches
Differential Pressure Switches
Diaphragm Seals
ISO Rings


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