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Valve, Instrumentation & Gauge Services

Working with Applied Control gives you the benefit of working with one supplier for all your valve and instrumentation needs for any project. From project planning to valve assembly and automation, we carry the brands you can trust, backed by expertise you can depend on. Our highly-capable team can assist you with the following:

  • Gauge Calibration – We calibrate and provide calibration certificates for pressure and temperature instruments as needed.
  • Liquid Filling – For severe vibration applications, we liquid fill gauges – fills include glycerin, silicone, and halocarbon.
  • Diaphragm Seal/Annular Seal Assembly – We mount all type of pressure instruments to diaphragm and annular seals – fill fluids include glycerin, silicone, ethylene glycol, halocarbon, syltherm, distilled water.
  • Quote Preparation for Complete Projects – We prepare complete instrumentation bid packages to eliminate our customers having to deal with multiple suppliers on a project.  
  • Valve Assembly – We can assemble valves and instrumentation to your process specifications in our warehouse and ship them to you ready to install.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing – We test all assemblies and benchmark them to factory standards prior to shipping to make sure the equipment will meet or exceed the process requirements set forward.
  • Valve Services in the Field – Our team will travels to installed assemblies to help maintain and service the equipment for the life of the equipment.

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