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National Board Certified Pressure Relief Valve Services

We continue to invest in our service capabilities and now offer pressure relief valve services to help our customers better achieve safety, reliability & operational excellence!

Pressure Relief Valve Services
We’re certified by the National Board to repair, set, and test safety and relief valves. These services can be performed at your site or in our shop,
regardless of the manufacturer.
• National Board VR Certificate
• Exclusive OEM repair facility for Anderson Greenwood & Crosby
• Skilled team with years of industry experience


Mobile Valve Shop Capabilities
Our mobile service trailers provide a portable maintenance facility at your site.
• NBIC VR Certified—Relief valve test and repair procedures are performed using calibrated instruments. Technicians can test, repair and re-certify as required.
• Field trailers and repair trucks with full repair capabilities and certified field technicians.
• Full field repair capabilities include: specialized valve testing and repair equipment, mobile machine shop with lathe, portable lapping equipment, calibration instruments and valve diagnostics software.

For questions regarding this service quotes and availability, please contact Applied Control at 303-799-9300.

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