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DeltaV Guardian 24 Hour Support

DeltaV Guardian Foundation Support provides the latest releases and documentation consisting of software releases, Technical Service Bulletins, software maintenance and assurance of software and hardware problem resolution.



  • DeltaV 24-Hour Technical Product Support – Product Support requests are directed to the Emerson Process Management Response Center.  Emerson Process Management pro­vides an effective problem-resolution process, including remote system diagnosis where authorized by the Customer and an automatic escalation process for inquiries or problems requiring advanced expertise.  This service provides technical support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Software Media – Media and documentation are provided for all new general distribution releases of DeltaV Process Control System software, including the updated software, electronic copies of associated release notes, instructions for loading the upgrade, and any cautions regarding implementation. Emerson’s technical support team addresses any technical questions that may be encountered regarding the new features and functions contained in the software release.
  • Internet Information Access – A user-configurable dashboard-style Internet support website is provided, with content that is specific to the DeltaV system.  Customers can view service information for all of their DeltaV systems enrolled in Guardian Support globally, using the Enterprise Explorer to easily select the locations and systems of interest.  The Guardian dashboard allows real-time visualization and management of lifecycle support requirements.  The dashboard provides access to system-specific service information, including Knowledge Base Articles, Microsoft OS security updates, active and historical service calls, product lifecycle information, system content, system change history, and license consumption, plus access to general information like DeltaV news, Books Online and links to other service resources.
  • Guardian Email – An automated email notification system communicates actionable DeltaV system alerts that are specifically applicable to the user’s chosen interests and scope of systems responsibility. Automated email messages will alert Guardian users in real-time to new or revised Knowledge Base Articles relevant to their specific system. Changes made to system content are automatically checked against previously published articles. The Guardian website will present an executive summary for each Knowledge Base Article applicable to the enrolled system, complete with identification of impacted system nodes.
  • System Analysis Reports – Two System Analysis Reports per year are prepared by Emerson Technical Specialists, with recommendations on system availability and sustainability based on system content, Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) relevant to the system Product Life Cycle Support and service call history.

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