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DeltaV PC Workstation Replacement Program

The DeltaV PC Workstation Replacement Program provides future replacement of DeltaV Workstations and Servers with Emerson tested and approved PC hardware.  This service supplies the PC hardware via the System Support Plan.



Level of Service

  • This program will cover PC Server Class Machine and Work Station Class Machines. 
  • A new 36 month period will begin after you enroll in the PC Workstation Replacement Program.
  • The monitor that is included will be of similar size and style as the existing monitor.  Upgraded monitors are also available for purchase.
  • This service protects your investment and ensures your technology stays current in a fast changing environment..

Service Benefits:

  • Keeps the control system PC platform current and secures future functionality.
  • Makes hardware upgrade convenient by allowing planning of cost and time.
  • Provides assistance to ensure smooth implementation.

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