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Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Preventive Maintenance service identifies key areas to address with your DeltaV System to help keep it running smoothly.  Each DeltaV System receives a Performance Audit to load the latest DeltaV hotfixes and Microsoft patches, log diagnostic errors, alarm analysis, and upload a current system file to Guardian.  A report is then provided which shows the current status of your system(s) and highlights any key issues that need to be addressed.  An Applied Control Engineer will provide a face to face consultation to discuss all findings and a plan for corrective action and resolution.

  •  Performance Audit – Evaluates the current performance of the workstations, servers, controllers, and I/O cards in your system.  This evaluation covers the physical limitations, such as the current load, memory available, and hard drive space remaining.
  • Security Updates – Installation of the latest DeltaV hotfixes and approved Microsoft security updates that are available for the installed DeltaV version.  Systems using Symantec Virus protection will receive the latest definitions.
  • Logging Diagnostic Errors – All current diagnostic errors will be cross-referenced to the corresponding control module.
  • Alarm Evaluation – This service evaluates the alarm history of your DeltaV System, to determine which alarms are most frequent.  This information can then be used to create a plan to optimize your alarms.  Optimizing your systems alarms can increase your operators’ efficiency and allow the operators to focus on the most important issues.
  • Upload System File to Guardian – Uploading the most recent system files to Guardian allows Applied Control to provide a higher level of service.  This allows the most current configuration of hardware, software revisions, hardware revisions, and I/O counts to be seen by Applied Control.
  • Final Report – The final report contains all of the information gathered above, separated by each of the controllers, workstations, and servers in your system.  The report describes the current condition of each of these items, as well as the current licensing available.  Based on these values recommendations such as adding more licensing to remain at a consistent spare count, adding another controller to reduce the load on an overworked controller, replacing hardware due to unsupported status, or other suggestions that can help keep  your system(s) running smoothly is provided.

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