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Smart Outage Managment and Turnarounds

Smart Turnarounds and Outage Management
Take advantage of Emerson’s Smart Turnaround™ and Outage Management processes. We work with you on outages of any size to determine objectives and collaborate on meeting your goals using our Six-Step Smart Outage Management & Turnaround Management  process.

Outage & Turnaround Six Step Process

The process begins with a thorough pre-outage asset review with your personnel to identify all areas of concern within the outage unit. A General Customer Specification document is produced so that both you and Fisher can understand the scope of the work required and the time necessary to complete the job.

Outage_and_Turn_Around_ManagementOur factory-trained and certified personnel will perform all necessary repairs whether the problem exists with Fisher  equipment or that of other major valve manufacturers. We use only OEM parts from certified vendors and follow the highest industry standards for calibration and configuration.  If your plant is like most others these days, you’re being asked to do more, produce more, and document more – with fewer resources. When you partner with Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services team, you can take advantage of our proven turnaround process and expertise.

By taking control of your outages, you can turn necessary downtime into an opportunity to improve your processes over the short and long terms. Call on the expertise and experience of our service professionals to ensure delivery of an on-time, under-budget outage.

SIX STEP SMART PROCESS - Outage Management

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