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Colorado Craft Brewer’s Process Summit

July 24, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

The perfect pint is more than just quality ingredients. It also includes an innovative team and a dependable brewing process. In today’s increasingly competitive beer market, brewers nationwide are recognizing the need to minimize production losses and maximize brewing uptime to stay ahead of the game.

Process innovations and automation tools can help you tap into your brewing process’ full potential so you can focus on creating perfect brews. Join us in a collaborative and educational discussion around process automation tools, technologies and services available to Colorado brewers.

Brewers will learn:

  • Leverage innovations to optimize your brewing process and minimize process waste
  • Deploy smart technologies to be more energy efficient
  • Strategically monitor brewery assets to proactively plan maintenance

Agenda Topics :
(Download Full Agenda:Colorado Craft Brewers Conference July 2018):

Milling & Grain Handling
How can you use automation to accurately and reliably measure the volume of stored grain to ensure adequate stock for production?
Brew Kettles
What happens to wort quality and flavor when process variables and/or boil rates are not controlled efficiently?
Fermentation/°Plato Monitoring
How do you continuously monitor the fermentation process? How can brewers eliminate manual sampling, maintain product quality, minimize beer loss and increase throughput?
Open Discussion Topic & Lunch
Interactive conversation on the future trends of technology in brewing and fermentation sciences

Guest Speaker: Jeffrey R. Callaway, Associate Director Fermentation Science and Technology at Colorado State University. 

How does technology help you identify and predict problems in the centrifuge before they happen? 
 What automation tools can help optimize your packaging process and help ensure consistent finished beer quality and keg-seal integrity?
Clean In Place
 How can you optimize CIP to minimize waste and product loss? 
Brewery Utilities
 What are key waste reduction-strategies you can deploy to optimize utility costs? 
Operational Support for Brewers
 Quick look at spare parts and maintenance programs immediately available to you that support existing brewing processes.  
Micro Motion Factory Tours - Optional
 Join us for an informational tour of Emerson’s Coriolis Meter manufacturing facility. 
Happy Hour & Networking - Optional
  Come over to Gunbarrel Brewing with us! We’re sampling local beer crafted with passion by brewer Jamie Fox and his wife Marie. Gunbarrel Brewing Company is located across the street from the Emerson Micro Motion Factory. 

Registration Options:
call: 303-268-7870


July 24, 2018
9:30 am - 6:00 pm




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