Happy Halloween from Applied Control!


Can you guess what the Field Automation Team is dressed up as? Hint: it’s a popular series on the Discovery Channel!

The office was a scary place yesterday! Employees of Applied Control celebrated Halloween with their best foot (err…shark fin?) forward.

Over the past two weeks, the office slowly decayed into a very haunted house. With cobwebs and spiders adorning cubes, haunted hallways with ghosts leading to the warehouse, and bats taking up residence from various perches in the building, and cauldrons of boiling brews, the office became a frightful sight.

Yesterday, as part of a longstanding annual tradition, Applied Control celebrated Halloween in style with our annual Halloween Chili Cook-off, Halloween Decoration and Costume Contest! The day started off at 12:00 PM with the Chili Cook-Off, with nearly twenty red, green and white-chili entries.

At 2:30 PM, employees gathered in the training rooms for the costume contest in which employees competed either in the team or individual category, and this year the competition was tough! Team entries included the Field Automation team as Shark Week (pictured above), the Accounting Team as Monopoly, the HR Team as M&M’s, the Plant Automation team as Monster’s Inc (pictured below) and the Parts team dressed up as the Shining. Individual entries included Dude, Pee-Wee Herman, Dog The Bounty Hunter, a dragon, and many more.

The Plant Automation Team dressed up as Monster's Inc

The Plant Automation Team dressed up as Monster’s Inc.

The fun continued at 3:30 PM when the office doors opened up for Trick-Or-Treating! Employee children, costumed as super-heroes, villains, zombies, vampires and princesses, were welcomed to explore the decorated office and pick up candy and treats from each cube and office. While there were a lot of winners yesterday, the kids were the biggest winner, walking out with very heavy buckets full buckets of candy!



Wherever you go this Halloween, we wish you a fun, safe and festive weekend! Remember to bring a flashlight and extra layers for your little ones, and help them when crossing busy streets. From all your frightful friends at Applied Control, have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!

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