Wednesday Lunchmakers

Wednesday afternoons are a significant part of the week at Applied Control.

Initiated by Lisa Schrader 7 years ago, Applied Control began a weekly tradition of making lunches for those who need them in Denver. She and her husband Randy Schrader, owner of Applied Control, provide all of the ingredients and supplies to get the job done.

The formula for a perfect sandwich and snack combination is known by many employees in the office. From spreading mayonnaise on bread to packing snacks into bags, everyone has found their own place in the lunch-making process.

“The employees are passionate about it, and that’s how it’s been able to go on for so long. It’s an employee-driven activity,” Lisa explains. “It’s fun to see the camaraderie among them. We get a lot of the same employees helping because they just love it.”

While this only takes half an hour of the employee’s time, the importance of this activity and its impact is never forgotten.

Applied Control ends each session with an average of 140 lunches to deliver.

Lisa is then joined by a small group to head to Civic Center Park in Downtown Denver. The group hands out the lunches in the same spot each week where a line of people are eagerly waiting for them. No sandwiches, snacks, or water go to waste when all is said and done. Appreciation and smiles are abundant the entire time.

“It’s extremely humbling, and I’m glad we can do it for them,” Lisa says, “We just do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

After final calculations, it is estimated that Lisa Schrader and the Applied Control employees have made around 30,000 lunches total.

Article By: Caitlynn McCollum

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