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Guardian Support is the core element of the SureService support program. The Guardian service module is designed to help you proactively achieve peak availability, sustainability and performance on your system investment through critical service and support information. Guardian aggregates and securely delivers personalized, real-time service intelligence tailored specifically to your system architecture, assets and use. Guardian provides a single-point source of critical services and system information to help you effectively manage your DeltaV digital automation system throughout its life cycle.

Access Guardian Support here:

[tab name=”Support”] Expert Technical Support
The SureService technical support team stands ready around the clock, around the globe to quickly diagnose and resolve system issues, answer your questions or, when necessary, dispatch a SureService professional to your plant.  The SureService Response Centers maintain and use a single global service management system to ensure that your support needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. Through our global support network you will have access to local language support during normal local working hours.

Our staff of highly trained professionals is armed with powerful troubleshooting skills, a thorough knowledge of control systems and plant operations, and an extensive global information database of system events and corrective actions to get you the help you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll work with you online or over the phone.

[/tab] [tab name=”Diagnosis”] Remote System Diagnosis
Remote System Diagnosis can reduce the need for on-site service and can minimize downtime.  With your approval, our SureService professionals can connect directly to your automation system to perform system troubleshooting, analysis, error message review and corrective action implementation.  By remotely logging onto your system, the SureService team is able to solve issues faster and more easily than through telephone support alone.

[/tab] [tab name=”Updates”]

Software Updates
Guardian Support subscribers receive software updates ranging from service packs to major new releases.  Emerson’s technical support team will address any technical questions that may be encountered regarding the new features and functions contained in the software release. DeltaV software updates can often improve the features and performance of your system.  Updates are also issued to maintain compatibility with computer operating systems, applications, device drivers and new DeltaV software products.

Guardian Support service provides a dashboard-style Internet support website tailored with user-configurable content that is specific to the enrolled system. Guardian dashboard features include:

  • System Selection Explorer – With a mouse click, move between sites and systems across their worldwide DeltaV installed base to instantly observe the real-time service condition and history for any system enrolled in Guardian Support.
  • Knowledge Base Articles – Articles are matched to specific affected system node names and presented in executive summary format.  One click presents the full article and another click opens the download dialog for any available hot fixes.  An article dismissal feature helps manage the status of mitigation actions.  New or revised articles published by Emerson are continuously re-matched to each system’s most recent captured system content.
  • Technical Support Calls – Review open calls, examine call histories and send or receive call status updates with file attachments, enabling highly effective real-time collaboration on service issues with Emerson and with your colleagues across the corporate enterprise.
  • Life Cycle Status – Instantly review systems using familiar system node names for easy determination of hardware compatibility when planning software migrations, locating substitution model numbers when ordering spares, and accessing product life-cycle forecasts when budgeting for expansions or long-term system refresh investments.
  • System Profile – A valuable tool for busy system managers with limited time to administer system content details.  Drill into the system’s workstations, controllers and I/O cards plus connected field devices with buss communications (Foundation Fieldbus, Hart, Profibus, ASI and DeviceNet) to observe device identification details, hardware and software versions, applied licenses, warranty status and more.
  • Service Expirations – A convenient tool for monitoring Emerson system service agreements, the consumption of service bank hours and other service agreement facts.
  • Guardian Reports – Current and previous system analysis reports are available for on-line review and sharing across the corporate enterprise.
  • System Content Change History – System content changes can be instantly shared with colleagues and Emerson service professionals.  Quickly narrow the focus when resolving issues.  Provides objective evidence when required for system change control, and helps administer situations where multiple individuals have access to the system to make changes.
  • Information Center – Provides access to resources that will help you get the most out of Guardian Support. It provides information related to the regularly scheduled Guardian Webinars and notifications regarding various incentive programs available to Guardian Support subscribers.
  • Microsoft Updates – Provides Microsoft operating system (OS) security update compatibility information for your DeltaV System. It also allows users with DeltaV version 8.4 and above to view Microsoft OS security updates that are installed or available to install on each workstation.
  • Alarm Management – Enables access to Alarm Management Services, including complimentary and paid Alarm Summary Reports. It also links to the online version of the DeltaV Analyze software for complete alarm/event analysis capabilities.
  • License Usage – View the number of available and allocated licenses in each DeltaV system node.
  • DeltaV System News – Stay tuned for useful and informative product announcements and application stories that can lead to improved staff efficiency and system operation.
[/tab] [tab name=”Notifications”]

Automated System Notifications
Guardian Support service allows you to receive automatic service notifications for your DeltaV System – no spam and no daily visits to the support website to discover what is new.  This service is personally configurable so each user receives only the types of notification their job requires.  Two delivery methods are available; either email with a personally configured subject title, or a personal internet RSS feed that will allow you to receive DeltaV news alongside other web-based news and information.

[/tab] [tab name=”Reports”]

Semi-Annual System Analysis Reports
Prepared by Emerson product experts, the day-to-day service activity for the covered service period is condensed down to actionable informative charts, graphs, and recommendations for achieving positive system availability and sustainability.  The report utilizes red/yellow/green visual indicators to signal and prioritize System Availability (short-term risk to provide uninterrupted operations) and System Sustainability (Risk of preservation of system investment, future supportability and serviceability) service management considerations:

  • Interval System Profile Updates
  • Open Technical Support Calls
  • Un-dismissed Knowledge Base Articles
  • Hardware Software Lifecycle Status
  • Service Expirations
  • System License Utilization
  • Hardware Material Returns
  • Microsoft Updates
  • Local Site Activity
[/tab] [tab name=”Support”] Guardian Support Applet
The Guardian Software Update Delivery Service (GSUDS) feature, available to Guardian Support subscribers, provides an automated delivery (either on demand or scheduled) of DeltaV hotfixes, Microsoft OS Updates and Symantec Antivirus updates that are specific to the enrolled system.  An applet installed on a non-DeltaV computer communicates and pulls update files from an Emerson server via the Internet.

This feature is NEW and it is a core part of Guardian Support functionality.  With GSUD, you receive system specific updates to manage your DeltaV system efficiently. Information regarding what system nodes the update needs to be applied and if a specific update requires a reboot or will cause service disruption is also provided.

Guardian Support is the base element of the SureService program for DeltaV systems at version 7.4 and higher. The key features of Guardian Support are:

  • Expert Technical Support
  • Remote System Diagnosis
  • Software Updates
  • Internet Technical Information Access
  • Guardian Dashboard Website
  • Automated Service Notifications
  • Microsoft Updates
  • System Analysis Reports
  • Guardian Software Update Delivery Service        
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