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AMS – Plantweb Optics: Reliability & Asset Management Solutions

Focus on reliability to improve availability, profitability and safety. Recognize business goals and achieve top-quartile reliability by implementing predictive intelligence and integrated protection technologies.

Process interruptions strain operations:
Keeping your process running brings on a new set of challenges. Equipment will naturally wear over time, at varying rates. When critical equipment fails, entire processes can come to a halt and risks site safety. An effective process reliability program would help the process stay operational between maintenance rounds, outages or turnarounds to keep the process optimized.

Options for increasing site reliability:
To keep your plant assets available and producing revenue, you need solutions that are custom to the criticality of the asset being monitored and that identify the assets at risk of failure.

Implement predictive intelligence and integrated protection technologies to reach business goals and achieve top-quartile reliability.

With AMS and Plantweb Optics, you get asset management and condition indicator capabilities specific to the nature and criticality of production assets.

Technology Application
  AMS Device Manager Predictive Maintenance Software
  AMS Machinery Manager Predictive Maintenance Software
  AMS Trex Handheld device communicator
  475 Field Communicator Legacy handheld device communicator
 CSI 2140 AMS 2140 Portable Vibration Monitor
  AMS 2600 Portable Vibration Analyzer
  AMS 9420 Vibration Transmitter (Wireless)
  AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor
Plantweb Optics Collaboration software for managing asset health
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