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Desuperheaters / Attemporators

Emerson Process Management makes industry leading desuperheaters and attemporators: devices commonly used to inject controlled amounts of cooling water into a superheated steam flow to reduce or control steam temperature.

Fisher® DMA/AF HTC Interstage Attemporators
Product Bulletin
Fisher® DMA/AF HTC is used in cycling service common to superheater interstage attemporators and severe service applications that have a significant difference in steam and water temperature and are subject to high vibration. 
Fisher® DMA Mechanically Atomized Desuperheater
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® DMA is a simple mechanically atomized desuperheater with single or multiple, fixed-geometry spray nozzles intended for a steam conditioning applications with nearly constant load.
Fisher® TBX-T Multi Nozzle Steam Cooler
Product Bulletin
Fisher® TBX-T steam coolers have multi nozzles producing fine spray for rapid vaporization. The steam cooler section can accommodate a silencer, which decreases steam pressure energy in a controlled velocity expansion. 
Fisher® DSA Steam Atomized Desuperheater
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® DSA steam conditioning desuperheater uses high-pressure steam for rapid and complete atomization of spraywater in low-velocity steam lines.
Fisher® DMA/AF Variable Geometry Attemporator
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® DMA/AF is a variable-geometry, mechanically atomized, back-pressure-activated attemporator, designed for applications requiring control over moderate load fluctuations and high thermal cycling.
Fisher® DVI Venturi Steam Conditioning Desuperheater
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® DVI steam conditioning desuperheater injects spraywater in the outlet of the venturi section, assuring excellent mixing and rapid atomization.
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