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Fisher® Types 634 and 634M Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® Types 634 and 634M high-pressure shut-off valves serve to provide overpressure protection by containment. Type 634 shut-off valve with internal registration is installed between a pressure reducing regulator and a downstream system or equipment.
Fisher® 670 Series
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® 670 Series panel-mounted regulators are compact, rugged units used primarily for manually loading gas regulators. Applications include any control device that needs to be manipulated from a remote location. 670 Series includes an atmospheric bleed which allows the loading pressure to be reduced.
Fisher® Type 1367
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® Type 1367 high-pressure instrument supply system takes a pressure of up to 2000 psig / 138 bar and reduces it to a controlled pressure to be used for supplying a pneumatic instrument.
Fisher® Type ACE97
Instruction Manual Product Bulletin
Fisher® Type ACE97 Pad-Depad valve is a self-contained, pilot-operated valve that maintains a blanket of inert gas on top of a stored product to protect it from atmospheric contamination. It reduces combustibility, decreases vaporization, controls vapor space pressure during pump-in and pump-out operations, and helps prevent the tank from entering a vacuum condition and collapsing upon itself. Type ACE97 valve provides excellent and accurate pressure control of the vapor space in the tank. Blanketing pressure is kept to a minimum in order to conserve the use of blanketing gas.
Fisher® Type VS100
Instruction Manual
Fisher® Type VS100 slam-shut is designed to shut off the flow of gas to the downstream system in the event of outlet pressure rising above or falling below the predefined levels.
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