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Gas Processing Plant ESDs

Project Overview

Applied Control Equipment assisted an EPC firm by designing and building custom emergency blowdown and shutdown valves for a major energy company’s natural gas processing plant.

Application Requirements

High H2S levels in the gas stream caused corrosion and fugitive emissions concerns.  The blowdown valves ranged in size up to 8″ and required quick opening speeds of under 0.35 sec.  ESD valves required the ability to stroke the valve twice upon loss of plant air.  Concerns about unnecessary plant shutdowns caused by spurious solenoid trips existed on all emergency valves .

Applied Control Equipment’s Solution

ACE provided 22 valve assemblies automating PBV ball valves with Bettis scotch-yoke actuators, TopWorx limit switches, and Versa solenoids.  Electro-nickel-plated valves with extended packing were supplied to address corrosion and fugitive emissions concerns.  Volume boosters were fitted to quick opening blowdown valves to increase the speed of air evacuation from the actuators.  ACE measured and recorded the valve stroke times using Fisher ValveLink software in its Centennial, CO.  Air volume tanks fitted with Farris releif valves and Ashcroft pressure gauges were provided with the ESD valves to enable valve actuation upon loss of plant air.  Dual solenoid valves were provided in parallel on all valve asseblies to reduce the likelihood of spurious trips.  Witness testing  of the valve stroke speed and volume tank tests were made available for the EPC and its client.  Finally, ACE’s project management team managed the EPC firm’s documentation and logistics requirements ensuring timely delivery of the valves to the jobsite.

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